Lilli Xene Meets Joanne and Karen NWV-212

7 Nov

2F/f; year: 1993; time: 28 minutes
Another appearance by stripper/porn star Lilli Xene, here with ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Karen.’ Lilli is one of those girls–tiny in height, but all boobs and bottom. Almost a pneumatic cartoon. The Staff girls are going to have fun with this celebrity

Very old graphics here. Joanne greets us. “Hi, I’m Joanne Jameson. Now you’re in for 28 minutes of spanking action!” Lilli is escorted onto the set, wearing a full length white slip, a garment she probably hasn’t seen in years except from the NU-WEST  large foundations dressing room.

The first part of the spanking will be OTK by each of the girls, using a chair with a low back and no arms, facilitating full swings. It is not uncommon for very awkward chairs to turn up for OTK spankings. This first segment on the white slip.

Joanne brings out the T-bar, a device we have discussed before, a little platform the size of a bathroom scale with a galvanized T-bar about 12″ high rising from it. Lee has said the girls don’t like it because the position is too painful, but it is no different than touch-toes or grab ankles. Lilli has trouble on how to position herself, but then bends and hangs on, knees locked, and is strapped on her slip by the two ladies. Maybe the stationary posture tightens the skin even more.

Next round: off with the slip. Lilli is wearing a one-piece bra/girdle, another item you couldn’t find without effort. You’d need a Sears catlogue. Lilli is spanked by both girls then steps onto the T-bar platform for more of the strap. Statuesque Karen is thin and tall here in blouse and jodphurs, and Joanne is young and thin.

Lilli unzips the bra/girdle and is naked. She faces us to do this. In most CP films, this ultimate moment occurs with the model’s back to us, because that’s our preference. Lilli just spills out of the garment–for her in particular, this was the way to do it. When she goes OTK with Joanne, her bottom is just as spectacular.

And this naked visit to the T-bar is most erotic. The camera angles, closeup rear, and frontal oblique, have been perfect. Little naked Lilli puts her nose to a spot on the wall, very diminutive in her nakedness versus Joanne and Karen.

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