Xerotics # 9

8 Nov

More simple XEROTICS distributions–the Scottish influence is evident.

‘McKenzie’s slippering‘ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) MacKenzie is a stringy blond schoolgirl, sitting in front of the exercise wall, awaiting an appointment for punishment. ‘Jean Bradley’ arrives, always good news from this side of the camera. MacKenzie cowers.

Despite begging, she is soon OTK, Bradley has her red knickers down. She has been spanked recently. She steps out of her knickers and touches toes for the slipper. Next, a nice variation. Mackenzie stands on a chair so that her bottom is almost eye-level. Final inspection.

McKenzie’s Spanked Bottom’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) XEROTIC’s ageplay guy has McKenzie (spelling by XEROTICS) in a basement-like storeroom. We always like these scenes. Scream your heart out. She drops her sweater and skirt, OTK, white panties down, for a brief spanking.

Then the guy has her take off the rest of her clothes, and he leads her off-set by the hand, buck naked. Good luck, guy.

Michelle’s Knickers‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Curly dark blonde Michelle returns late and is grabbed by ‘Agean.’ She is taken OTK for a standard handspanking. When he begins spanking her thighs, she squeals.

After some hairbrush, and tears, Michelle to the wall. With her bottom on display, Agean returns to his newspaper.

Miss Bitch‘ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Alice,’ a tarty blond model who keeps her back arched and her chest out when she performs, has come to work dressed in a tarty way. Her female boss, rather buxom and erotic herself, and dressed in a halter and cutoffs, is going to spank Alice.

Alice’s objections notwithstanding, she is taken OTK, little denim skirt up, blue thong down. A standard spanking, slow and moderate. Tawsing mild also. To top the fun, she has to strip naked at the conclusion.

Naughty Daughter‘ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A chunky brunette has to deal with her Auntie ‘Smythe’ for being lazy. She is going to get a caning but seems amused about it.

An OTK spanking first, handspanking on her jeans. She struggles. Smythe gets the jeans down and well as a thong. A rear long camera shot of this frequently used space shows for the first time for us a steel stairway and a second floor mezzanine, surrounded by a wrought iron railing. The cane to conclude, about 10 mild strokes.

Naughty Secretary‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Agean’ with ‘Paige,’ a long-haired blonde who made several films with XEROTICS we will add below. As his secretary, she is frequently late, absent, lazy, and distracted–a bad role model. Warnings have failed. Agean announces discipline, “hand to the bottom.” She’ll take some “old fashioned discipline or leave.”

“Take your jeans down.” The OTK begins. Agean is surprised at her panties. “The frippery the girls wear these days!” After some spanking, “Take your shoes, jeans, and knickers off.” He wants her legs open. “Let the dogs see the rubbish, as they say.” Graphic enough, a new phrase on us.

Agean the boss is enjoying himself, and Paige seems to be also. He suggests a promotion might be in order. Paige must figure out what she will have to do for it. “Stand at the wall; hands on your head, legs apart.”

No English‘ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) ‘Peters’ is disciplining a Spanish-speaking blond girl; she wears the conventional housedress, and today, ‘Seniora’ is without panties. The film opens with an exterior of heavy tropical rain, which can be heard during the filming.
Routine spanking, perfect bottom.

Not the Slipper‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Headmaster ‘Agean’ makes a call to “Mrs. Jones.” It seems her daughter ‘Carla’ has done something egregious to interfere with the hockey team. The Head is suspending her–Mrs. Jones must come and get her.

Mrs. Jones can’t come. Is there some other solution? The Head is willing to “activate the corporal punishment clause in the school contract,” so Jones agrees to fax her waiver. Maybe we have seen too many CP films, but we would like to have seen Carla stand bare bottom on a platform until the fax machine whirred.

Agean needs a break to calm down before he begins spanking. Alone, Carla pulls her pants down for us to see a shaved vagina. He returns, carrying a slipper. “Please, not the slipper,” begs Carla, in a foreign accent. A bit silly.

First, a warmup handspanking, then the slipper. “No use being stoical, I will carry on until you make the right sounds.” Carla gives it a try. Bend over a table. “Try it without the dignity of your knickers.” More slipper. To the wall, bare bottom, for more lecture.

‘Out of Bounds’ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ corners two well appointed and cute schoolgirls in a classroom she has used for a Glasgow operation for films distributed by NORTHERNSPANKING, FIRMHAND, and others.

Detention and the writing of lines haven’t worked. Now Gillian Lancer will try spanking. A blond girl goes OTK first–conventional crisp stuff. A brunette next; because she is wearing non-regulation black transparent panties, she will be spanked harder, Two bare bottoms to the blackboard to conclude–classic British spanking ritual. And the presence of different writers and director is felt.

Paige Caught‘ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) The model ‘Paige’ again, blond hair chopped here; she is rummaging through the desk of a teacher and is quite amused when she finds a large dildo. At the teacher’s desk, she begins playing with herself.

Bolder and bolder she gets, feet up on the desk. Teacher ‘Jean Bradley’ bursts in, recaptures her toy, and will now spank Paige over the desk. Handspanking, denim skirt up, little white knickers, like boy shorts. Not a hard spanking, too many ‘Ow’s’ here. Bradley gets the pants down and finds a paddle in her desk.

Paige’s Naughty Knickers‘ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Paige again, long blond hair, with ‘Agean.’ Having failed some “reviews,” she has been sent to him for punishment and given the special punishment knickers to wear, with the buttocks cut out. It seems you can take a girl’s knickers down in this school. Since when?

OTK handspanking, sniffles. Agean comments: “This must be quite embarrassing for a Sixth Former.” Agean adjust the panties to increase the bare skin available. “Have to get the matron to cut a bigger hole.” Skirt off, over the desk for a tawse. Sniffles. She will be sent to the matron to have her bottom checked.

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