Jodie Cline: Whipped, Caned Strapped, Milked NU-WEST FD-302

28 Nov

F/m; time: 19 minutes

‘Simon’ is tied, naked and spread-eagled, on the darkened patio at the Ed Lee campus. A buxom and Vegas-styled Jodie Cline lashes him. When she takes off her skirt, she wears just nude pantyhose. She plays with Simon’s cock.

She shifts to the cane–about 30 strokes. She likes his erection. “You like that, don’t you?” More whipping. “Oh, yeah.” Bigger erection. Stripes and welts. “Keep your legs together and your ass out.” Ed Lee’s voice can be heard prompting the action from behind the camera.

‘Simon’s Second Visit-Razor Strapping with a Reward’: Now Simon is naked over the NW box, ‘bare-ass,’ as it were, and Jodie topless in panties and boots. Simon’s marks are noticeable from last time. Jodie is trying to be the dominatrix and is somehow less than convincing. Is she too enticing herself? More Lee verbal prompts.

After a FADE, Simon is seated and Jodie oils his cock with baby oil. You can see why Jodie has been amused by him. She works him until he ejaculates, a money shot caught in good light against a black background.

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