Getting to Know Katie – NUWEST FD-165

29 Nov

2F/m; time: 27 minutes
‘Katie’ and ‘Vanna’ are in the studio with ‘Tim.’ who is naked, on his back on a tilted bench, his head to the floor, his legs strung up to the ceiling, his jewels ready at hand. Nothing good about this position for him.

Vanna, wearing a dominatrix outfit, is going to whip his butt and thighs. Katie will cheer on the proceedings. She uses a large tawse and whips in sets of 10, 40 to start. Katie sits at his face and makes him lick her feet.

Katie takes off her dress to display the prototype matching black undie set. “Is that what you wanted, Tim, getting to know Katie?” It seems he has to pay for this proximity to her.

Stroke sets are increased to 15–there will be 30 strokes. Katie sits on Tim’s face, panties on. [the closeup camera has a hum, which is probably why this film is not in wide circulation.]

Vanna shifts to the cane and Katie takes off her panties and sits on his face again. “Shut your mouth!” 30 cane strokes, some repeats.

“Time for a good dildo.” Implacable Katie steps into the strap-on, slips on a lubed condom, and gives Tim a fucking. The bench squeaks, he squeaks. “Shut up!”

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