Joanne Jameson Whipping Tape #1 – NUWEST

30 Nov

F/2mf; time: 25 minutes
Straightforward stuff, early at NUWEST, and not of major interest unless you are a fan of ‘Joanne Jameson’ and her career. She is on the mostly empty sound stage here. A male is strung up to the ceiling. With scissors, she cuts off his ‘panties’ and a shirt. “I am going to give you such a good ass whipping tonight.” Sexy talk.

She begins with hard snapping with the dogwhip. The naked guy yelps from the first. She gags him with what looks like a pair of white panties and a securing ACE bandage. [airplane noises] The lighting was poor on this tape, different for each camera. As she paces and whips, we are hoping she will be dropping clothes, as she often did in these F/m films.

“Beautiful little red lines,” she observes. “This is the best part…to aim at your white cheeks and whip your skin off.” She DOES begin to undress, down to pink bra and panties. She keeps whipping. The guy gets some minor erection. Just her voice was enough for us.

FADE to new scene; the same set, a naked blond girl we didn’t recognize is now strung up in place of the guy and ‘David’ is fastened naked to the far wall. Joanne wears a black latex outfit here. Overhead views. Joanne whips the two with a martinet. She switches to the dogwhip. Attached to the wall, David is not able to demonstrate his unique trait here.

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