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Female Spanks Female Compendium 1 SHADOWLANE

29 Dec

Excerpts from six films SHADOWLANE released before 1992, some containing well-known or budding porn/CP stars.

1. ‘Importance of Pleasing Ernest’ A F/f domestic spanking scene; SHADOWLANE claims to have discontinued this film because it came not to meet their standards as they developed technique. Tepid stuff to be sure.

2. ‘Double Date’ couples spanking; we reviewed the full film on this site.

3. ‘Older Men and Younger Wives’ Very early ‘Kiri Kelly,’ also reviewed here.

4. ‘Spanking in Beverly Hills’ reviewed here; with porn star super-bottom Tanya Fox.

5. ‘Naughty Tanya’ Reviewed here; Tanya Fox in one of our favorite films of hers, from her punk-hair period, mostly silly BDSM play with ‘Stephanie Locke,’ but Tanya is naked much of the time, very busty here, and very erotic.

6. ‘Ordeals of a Female Submissive’ Eve Howard and ‘Simone Devon’ early in their careers in a film made in the recognizable NUWEST studios. Both ladies made other films with NUWEST, and Ms. Howard became one of the founders of SHADOWLANE. She learned a lot about spanking from Ed Lee and said so in her obituary of him.

To Amuse the Ladies – NUWEST FD-082

21 Dec

3F/m; year: 1992; time: 29 minutes
The cast had fun with this one. ‘Tim’ is marched onto the mostly empty soundstage by a young ‘Kellie-Rae.’ She slaps him in the face, back and forth, rocking his head, very hard we thought. How can you fake that? “Take off your clothes, shirt first…you’re slouching.” More hard slapping.

“Take off your pants.” More slapping. Kelli-Rae is wearing a black latex bodysuit. Shoes and shorts off next, he is naked, but keeps his back to us. Kelli orders his black socks off. He is now ready for the ‘mistress.’

‘Jennifer Brooks’ strides on stage, with her whip. This is early in her association with NUWEST; she has already made her submissive spanking film and now she will be the dominatrix. Her bodysuit is open down the sides. Nice. Kelli takes a seat. Jennifer begins circling and flogging.

The third lady, ‘Louise,’ joins. She is conventionally dressed in blouse and skirt, as if she were invited over at lunch hour. She reaches between Tim’s legs and grabs his balls with one hand and his bushy head of hair with the other. She coerces apologies from him and elicits squeals and doubling-over for weak responses. Here is a manifestation about that old axiom of how to hold a man’s attention.

Some shoe licking, then after a blackout Tim is over the box for a double flogging from Jennifer and Kelli, while Louise holds his wrists and pins his head between her thighs.

Another blackout for scene change–Tim is still naked, now flat on his back on a low bench. He is not one of those actors graced by arousal from such attention. Louise sits on his face, skirt up, white panties. She doesn’t do it quite correctly. Find a NW film where ‘Katie’ does the sitting. Textbook.

Blackout. Tim is now kneeling; Louise, now down to just panties, garter belt and stockings, is wearing a strap-on and goes to work. Again, the detail is missed, but Tim looks like he doesn’t much care for it. We see this action from two views, neither quite explicit.

Asking For It -Belinda Lawson with Earl Grey FIRMHAND

21 Dec

A series made in 2016; Belinda has returned to her old school for a meeting with a former teacher, ‘Earl Grey.’

‘EA’ (M/f; time:8 minutes) Belinda, blond in this series, tells Grey she has lost focus at work and thinks some of the corporal punishment she had received at school might help her again. “I have just turned 22…I need to be spanked.” He has pulled her file, and he explains that at this point punishments must be given on the bare bottom. Belinda’s casts an instantaneous glance at the camera, as if to say “YES!!”

Grey does not bat an eye and quickly leads her to the “detention room,” a nicely appointed classroom with a supply of spanking implements on display.

With no delay, Belinda bends forward, hands on desk. Grey throws up her skirt, begins handspanking, then takes down the thong, which wasn’t interfering anyway. Ms. Lawson has that glorious bottom of course, to accompany her naughty willingness, acting skills and what must be an admirable pain threshold.

Grey handspanks hard and fast and is actually winded at the end of this session. Ms. Lawson is to return at 6 PM. She turns to the camera to narrate for us–this is going to work out fine.

‘EB’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Belinda; she narrates again. She explains the FIRMHAND film director has asked her to select a slipper for this episode.

She bends over a school desk and Earl Grey pulls down her denim shorts. She plays as angry as she can get: “You’d better bloody well enjoy my bare bottom being spanked.” She is mostly silent through the slipper and a strap. with some melodramatic and silly protests. Long slow motion repeats.

‘EC’ (M/f; time:7 minutes) Belinda waits at the school desk, her hair down now. Earl Grey arrives. “Jacket off…bend over the desk….trousers down….roll your skirt up….panties down.”

They are white lace panties. “You asked for this.” Closeups of handspanking and the embossed leather paddle.

‘ED’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) For this visit, Belinda has dug out an old school uniform–blue kilt, crested sweater, and knee socks, on the pretext that she is a former schoolgirl volunteering for discipline to learn to be more respectful. This should turn on the juices in both Earl Grey and her.

A slipper and strap hang on the wall. “I will have to deal with you as a schoolgirl.” “Does this mean my bottom won’t be bare?” “No.” She bents over a chair. “Skirt up, panties down.”

Belinda’s bottom is well marked now in this series. No pretense that these spankings are anything but fantasies between Grey and Belinda to achieve the result. A strapping now. Her bottom approaches Eastern European standards. Our compliments to this brave actress and maybe to some cosmeticians.

‘EE’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Belinda continues the narration in the classroom where she can fulfill her fantasy and get her bottom whupped. Here, she tells us she has arranged placement of a gym “vault,” so as to avoid the touch-toes postures she so hates. It is one of those padded wood platforms, found in some wonderful British CP films, gym teachers vs. female students.

Earl Grey arrives with a pingpong paddle. Belinda splays herself lengthwise along the vault. Panties to her ankles. Her bottom has become increasingly red as the series advances. A hard paddling. “Quite warm,” notes Grey, as he fondles her, “we should up the threshold.”

Grey shifts to what he calls the “meter” stick, and therefore Belinda submits that she should get just 10 strokes instead of the traditional twelve. How British! Grey will give her 15! “Do your best, then.” “Trust me, I will.” She counts them aloud. The sequence is repeated from several angles. Excellent editing in this year 2016.

There is a long slow-motion repeat segment and then some closing narration. Belinda tells us the pingpong paddle was not so bad, and that the caning segment is being saved for filming “at the end of the day.”

“My goodness. My bottom is throbbing…like sunburn…(to the viewer) I hope your appreciate our effort. I did the count so you wouldn’t feel cheated.”

These narrations confirm for us–it has seemed obvious that the FIRMHAND serial story segments are filmed in close timing, with care taken to protect the model’s bottom, and we have read that some producers have added counted strokes to forestall complaints about repeats.

‘EF’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Belinda narrates; the fetish schoolroom spanking re-creation continues. Here she sits at a school desk in the prepared classroom awaiting the ‘headmaster’s’ return from lunch.

Earl Grey returns and bends her over the desk, no panties. Belinda is an “ex-student” returning for a little attitudinal tune-up from Grey. Off with the dress. “No bra either,” notes Grey. Naughty. Belinda came to play. And of course, Belinda’s bottom is thoroughly marked from the accrued spankings in this series.

Paddle and strap; this time, the spankings will continue until Grey himself has had enough. Film concludes with slow-motion repeats.

‘EG’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) This is Belinda’s concluding consultation with Earl Grey. She waits, stark naked, even bare feet, for him. She is bent forward, hands on desk, boobs hang.

Grey arrives. “I see you have changed position, Miss Lawson.” “I thought you might want a different point of view, sir” “Are you mocking. Miss Lawson?” “Maybe.” She is stunning in this posture, and her mottled bottom would suggest this series was made in a short period.

“What am I going to use on you today?” Belinda teases with naughty CP talk, to earn her final “thrashing.” It will be a meter stick again. Hands-on-desk for the first 12, as hard as any spanking so far in this series. She must sing on the counts. She jumps up from time to time to rub. Boobs jiggle. Touch-toes for the final 6, with 2 more earned for moving.

‘Reaction CAM’ facial views of the same spanking. Lots of boobs here. Belinda stands naked for a final scolding; Grey will not let her cover herself; there is a suggestion of some follow-up appoints. She sashays her bottom out the door to conclude.


19 Dec

F/f; time: 44 minutes
‘Maddy Marks’ and Chelsea in one of her older and formulaic films. No new ground or blisters will be raised here, but we are always prospecting. Another film made in parts for each Internet distribution.

I ‘Icing on Her Cake’ Redhead Maddy gets spanked by Chelsea for messing up the icing on cakes to be served at a shower for a friend. OTK, skirt up, thong down, handspanking and hairbrush.

II ‘I’m Gonna Embarrass You’ Maddy has called in sick and when she does report to work, Chelsea will spank her. OTK, shorts down, small round, hard-looking paddle for very specific work.

III ‘Late Payment in Full’ Maddy and Chelsea live together and Maddy fails to pay the cable bill. Another conventional spanking,

IV ‘Lucky Coin’ Maddy tries to steal Chelsea’s lucky coin and gets a strapping for it.

New Pet Training – NUWEST

15 Dec

F/3m; time: 25 minutes
Very old stuff. NUWEST’s ‘Joanne Jameson’ will play with three guys here. ‘David’ is strung up naked on a ceiling rope in the center of the sound stage. This is the place for him, because we can watch his erection surge and relax.

Ed Lee is naked also, attached standing to a frame at the wall which forces his butt out, wrists over his head and ankles manacled. There will be no facials.

The third guy comes onto the set fully clothed. Joanne makes him strip naked, and he will kneel at her feet in foot worship fetish. Joanne will poke him in the right places with her spiked heels. Joanne herself is dressed in black top, slacks, and boots. Unlike some other F/m films, she will not strip here. Our loss.

Joanne will move between Lee and David. First she handspanks them, then shifts to a martinet. David’s erection literally jumps on-camera. Joanne helps with some fondling.

After more foot action with the guy playing the dog, Joanne uses a whip on Lee and David. Oblique shots of the amazing David, who can spring to an angle of greater than 90 degrees.

The doggy-guy is led around on a leash and must bark. More whip for Lee and David, faster and faster, another boner. Finally the doggy gets some whipping. There must have been a market for this sort of film.

Poolside Punishment – CALSTAR

13 Dec

F/2f; time: 32 minutes
An old and clunky film we reviewed on another site a number of years ago. Our experience has been altered by many more sophisticated CP film producers we have studied since. So now we look at these films for the humor they can provide.

In a long exterior scene, two nurses in long white smocks decide to sun themselves on the lawn outside the nursing home where they work.
They go to a swimming pool and, since they are out of sight from the building, decide to “strip off.” One girl to bra and panties and the other to just panties. They take a swim, sure that their matron will never find them. The girls discuss that matron likes to spank–they’ll take the risk.

But soon the matron does discover them. She is youngish herself, with her hair pulled back tightly to simulate severity, with just a hint of Lesbian. The girls are scolded, then the ultimatum. “You are disciplined or your cards on my desk in 5 minutes.” Standing there in their wet undies, the girls agree to the punishment–they need the jobs.

Each girl is spanked OTK on lawn furniture, then thrown into the pool. At poolside, the matron pulls down both pairs of panties. The screen is filled with two wet bare bottoms. The girls then kneel on the grass, one over the back of the other at 90 degrees. Matron can spank both bottoms.

The girls are then ordered to appear in matron’s office in full uniform in ten minutes. In the office–better sound and consistent lighting now, matron scolds them while slapping a crop in her palm.

Each girl will lie over the hassock and be cropped on the bare bottom. Apparently neither girl had an extra pair of panties; since they were wet, they reported without them.


13 Dec

M/f; time:12 minutes
‘Christie Cutie’ and ‘John Osborne’ in a simple little kitchen frolic.
Maid Christie has done a terrible job of cleaning up the kitchen, so John will spank her on the spot. She complains, “I’m still sore from yesterday.”

Christie bends over the counter; she is yet another of those models who is all bottom. John flips up her little uniform skirt and pulls down her panties. “Your bottom is still red.” John handspanks and uses straps and kitchen tools. Zoom on spread thighs.

Sarah’s Real Punishment – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

12 Dec

F/f; time: 21 minutes

A film made for MOMMASPANKINGS, a partnership between Sarah Gregory and Dan Specht.

Sarah Gregory as a blonde with iconic ‘Dana Specht.’ Sarah lies on her bed in 2-piece pajamas. She has been caught speeding and texting in her car. She is going to be punished. The spanking implements are laid out on the bed-a paddle and several straps.

After scolding, Dana starts with the Spencer paddle and elicits sobs immediately. OTK, pajama bottoms down. Dana spanks hard; Ms. Gregory’s body is begging for exposure here. Wish that top could come off. On the bed for a razor strap, Dana circles to be fair to both buttocks. A second, stiffer strap–attention to the thighs. More paddling, some awkward positioning. Dana throws her leg over Sarah to pin her down.

Tears and hugs. Dana creams her bottom.

Xerotics #10 misc

9 Dec

More XEROTICS, some with the classic British CP actors.

Alexandria ’s Wish’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Russian Alexandria and her Playboy tattoo. Alexandra does the spanking here, rather silly. It seems this concludes a shooting day,Agean walks on set and asks the girls how the day went. He asks them to show their bottoms. If in fact this video did conclude a day, it was an easy one for them.

‘Blonde in basement’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) A skinny blonde is in a faux over-lit basement, waiting. Peters arrives. She removes her skirt and G-string. Already red. She bends over for a belt, legs open for Peters.

He has a collection of canes. When the girl moves around, she proudly flashes some fuzz. She takes the caning standing, wheals right off. It is unusual in CP films—Peters likes to cane the buttocks crease.

’caned bottom’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Another spanking in the ‘sport room,’ an exercise space with a wood wall, where XEROTICS has filmed a number of spankings.  A pretty blonde pulls down her panties. She has already been spanked. She hides a cigarette between  her buttocks.

A thin blond domme enters, pulls the girl’s panties down again, and finds the cigarette. She proceeds to cane the girl, using a thick cane, only moderately, but there are  noticeable wheals and some quivering.

Education from Simpson’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) An Asian girl has been messing with  Elizabeth Simpson’s computer. Standard handspanking and strapping, bare bottom on a couch.

’Girl in pajamas’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) A girl stands in one-piece pajamas, being scolded, in a kitchen. The guy unzips the suit and the brunette steps out of the garment, jaybird. Tight nifty bottom. And clear. She gets the hairbrush and more fondling than usual.

After a cut, she bends over a couch arm for a rough looking paddle. Frontal flash, nice innovative ideas in this short film. Love the onesie.

‘House in Disarray’ ’ (M/f; time: 11  minutes) Agean and Elizabeth Simpson. The basement room used for many spankings. Simpson has made a mess of it and will be spanked for it. OTK, skirt up, pantyhose and panties down,  standard paddling amuses Agean. Elizabeth does nice job of being unhappy.

‘Miss Bitch’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Alexandria again, with another familiar beautiful blonde. Both are busting out of their tops. We need a shower scene. Alex has been coming to work dressed like a slut. She is going to be spanked for it. Alex loses her denim skirt and  knickers and goes OTK for a rather silly spanking. She kneels for a strap, also silly. The best part off the film comes when Alex strips naked and  must clean  the office. 

Asian Spanking’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Probably  not the title,  the model is not Asian from our vantage point, more Mediterranean. The steel blond domme spanks in a bedroom, not hard enough to note. And  a light strap. There are fades here which suggest shooting difficulties.

Car Accident’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Jenna has damaged her husband’s car, and from the look on her face, she knows what the penalty is. She is taken OTK, bare bottom. She is heavily bruised, because, yesterday, she was spanked for damaging her own car. Foreign accent. 

Drop Them’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes)  A young John Osborne and  Una, a girl tall enough to make some of the conventional spanking positions ineffective. She is a lovely thin dark blonde with glasses. She  drops her tight white jeans and goes OTK with Osborne, which takes some wiggling. Una arches her bottom delightfully, enjoying the routine spanking and rubbing.

Forgiving  Husband’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) David Pierson and a brunette. The set is the overlit room with the green divan. David takes the girl OTK, knickers right down for a short and sweet spanking.

After a cut, the brunette seems to be having a little relationship  with a friend, in the person of Elizabeth Simpson. Pierson catches the girls, and now he has two bottoms to spank. The brunette gets another spanking, blue lace panties down. Elizabeth is called back, somewhat to her surprise, hard to imagine. She gets a bare bottom spanking and bends for the strap. The brunette wife tries to stop him and will take more.

After Pierson straps both bottoms side by side, the three leave the room arm in arm. Good luck, David. 

‘Housekeeper strapped’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Danielle and Janna. Danielle plays a dominant here. Even though she is dressed as a schoolgirl, she has authority over Janna, who is dressed as a maid. Janna is going to get a spanking for being lazy.

Janna sits cowgirl style on a straight chair, hem of her uniform up, for a strap on her white lace knickers. Danielle is good with the strap. Janna stands and unzips and drops her uniform. She is wearing rather sexy undies for a housekeeper. The white knickers have to come off. Back on the chair, kneeling for more strap.

Laura in Trouble’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Laura is another girl caught masturbating in the red bathroom.  Laura is prepared. She wears a top with a cutout so her breasts can be bared. Peters catches her and being the pussy man that he is, he has her bend  ever and spread her buttocks so he can check how wet she is. 

“Wash your fucking hands and get into the bedroom.” No knickers, boobs out, OTK on the bed, he pries her cheeks apart as he spanks. 

Leaving’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Peters with a tall blond Nordic-like model we believe is Joanna.  She is probably over 6’ tall, and her perfect bottom is in proportion to her size. Reminds you of Amelia Jane Rutherford.  That bottom will take a lot of work.

The model is a schoolgirl here, late coming home, and Peters will spank her for it. “Lift your skirt.” Thong off. “You  won’t be needing these for a long time.” OTK. She spreads her legs. Bend over, hands on chair, legs spread. She gets about 12 mild cane strokes, with  repeats,on her perfect bottom. “That was just a taste of what happens here” Hope we find a sequel..

Messy Kitchen’ (M/f; A brunette in tattered jeans is challenged by Richard for a messy kitchen. She is told to get ready for a spanking and so drops her jeans and knickers and lies over pillows. A classic bubble butt,  handspanking and strap.

Messy kitchen’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Our best guess at the title. A groggy Elizabeth Simpson stumbles into a messy kitchen in her silk pajamas and is confronted by Miss Smith. She gets a long standing handspanking at the sink, pj’s down. Nothing much here. 

‘Model no show’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) We think the earliest performance of Peters and Elizabeth Simpson we have seen. The set is a familiar couch scene, which will survive the years as these two produce many videos. Ms. Simpson is not quite of schoolgirl age, but close. They play spanking film producers. Simpson has muffed up some scheduling. “You’re fuckin’ useless.” She is amused by the dialogue. As the years will go by, she is most entertaining for us when she is ‘useless.’

Elizabeth drops her cargo pants, quite willingly. When she has shimmied OTK, Peters disposes of her black panties immediately. Peters directs her to look into the camera. We don’t need to repeat how beautiful, sexy, and fun-loving she is here or will be in her career.

Handspanking and slipper over his lap, lovely. Elizabeth stands and bends over the couch. And last the cane, about 12 moderate but perfect strokes. Hands on head to the corner. Until further notice, we think this is the earliest film we have seen by the pair.

‘New Model‘ (MF/2f; time: 6 minutes) Two girls chat on a couch. A brunette is talking with blonde ‘Briggs,’ looking for a modeling job. Briggs explains she has a “spanking job,” and does not hesitate to show her bottom, which is mildly bruised.”It’s good money, and it’s fun.”

Now we know, from vast CP film experience, that the girls will have to try it out to see what it is like. Briggs gives the brunette a simple spanking. But the ageplay guy interrupts, spanks a little harder. (“Not too bad,” observes the brunette.) and of course has a go at Briggs’ bottom while he is there.

‘Piano Lesson’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A simple exercise, auburn-haired Sara gets spanked by ‘Peters’ for poor piano performance. Notable: use of the piano bench for spanking, a piece of furniture Ed Lee at NU-WEST recommended, for its height and length. And the girl’s bottom is very red and marked, from a very recent experience. Peters keeps a strap handy on the piano for such occasions. 

‘Piano Lessons’ (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Young ladies can certainly get in trouble in CP films if they don’t practice their piano. And that piano bench is perfect. Here, ‘Agean’ is furious with his daughter ‘Roxie’s’ progress on the piano. In front of her teacher, ‘Miss Dahl.’ Agean spanks brunette Roxie, who is still in her school uniform. Her thong doesn’t help much. She gets a handspanking and the slipper. Standard stuff.

Agean turns on the teacher. “The problem is you!” He determines that Dahl has no real qualifications. So he will spank her. Her puzzlement and objection are short-lived, since her background has been exposed. She accepts a standard handspanking and the same slipper on her full purple panties. At least Agean preserves her adult dignity by not taking down her knickers. She will have to refund seven months of lesson fees, or this could get much worse.

‘Please Spank Me’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Una again,  and on the same set we have seen her before. She sits chatting on a couch with a guy. She is all legs. She wants a spanking. OTK, handspanking on her white skirt. When it comes up, she is prepared—no knickers. Full screen spanking. A volunteer.

‘Prefect caned’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Sandra, a slightly improbable schoolgirl, will be caned by Dean Harvey. The set is the room with the desk and blacked-out windows, also with the glass walls. Harvey pulls her knickers down immediately and begins caning. X Over 50 strokes are shown, including wild ones down the far thigh from a whippy cane. Three camera angles permit repeats. Sandra counts somewhat of the strokes, unrelated to our number and indicating the repeats. It is a wicked caning regardless, and she is very brave. Sandra has bent over the back of a straight chair with her hands flat on the seat, perfectly positioning and stabilizing her bottom.

Prefect’s Caning’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Peters’ with one of his prefects, ‘Brooks’ (Carla). She is getting a lecture on her responsibilities and will soon be punished. Prefects should be punished in confidentiality, and much more severely. Brooks has been bullying, and she must recite that definition for Peters.

She will touch toes–this model is very athletic and turns this posture into an erotic gesture. Peters handspanks her first then takes up a very thick cane-a monster.

Six strokes on her skirt, then a break. When her skirt comes up, there are marks already. Brooks drops her superfluous thong–6 more strokes for unauthorized knickers. Peters orders Brooks to put the thong “in my cubby.” Goodbye to those undies.

Another break, then Peters promises “six of the hardest ever delivered at this school.” Six cracks; he probes her pussy with the cane tip. Peters adds three more for good measure. A very detailed closeup of Brooks’ anus depicts fuzzy hair. She’ll remain bent over for 30 minutes then return to class without knickers, where her bottom will be shown to the class.

‘Stormy Weather’ (M/3f; time:22 minutes) ‘Peters’ plays a pastor who has taken three Portuguese girls on a religious retreat. The girls wear the XEROTICS gingham print smocks. The scene is the Caribbean, not the usual studios. Peters tells the girls: “The Bible and the rod go hand in hand.” He points to canes hanging on the wall.

An Asian girl goes first, bends over a table and pulls up her skirt. No panties–now that’s no way to go on a retreat. Handspanking and a small strap, “the first part of your lesson–submit to God and pain.”

A ponytailed blonde goes next, and wriggles her red panties down runway-style. She’s got a sunburned bottom, being a devotee of the G-string. 10 strap strokes counted aloud.

The third young lady, another blonde. Same red knickers. 8 strokes of the strap.

Bottoms line up, skirts tucked up, hands on head.

“The second part of your initiation,” he shows the cane. The Asian girl’s six strokes become eight when she doesn’t count properly. Repeats. She flinches at swooshes and cries “aiy!” in whatever language that is. At this point in the film there is a tropical downpour outside which cannot be disguised on the soundtrack, drowning out some dialogue. Since there is no stopping filming when a bottom is being reddened, a confirming exterior shot of the deluge is cut in and the spanking continues. The Asian earns still more for smiling.

The second blonde is caned next. The storm is blowing doors and windows on the set–keep rolling, we’ve got a red bottom. 

‘Brazilian Caning’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Peters with his cane. A mulatto  girl has  skirt come up. The title might refer to the shave she has. The camera is fascinated. Peters will cane her on a patio, suggesting this film was made on  different location.

OTk for a handspanking first, an unusual tan line from a thong. Little smock up. After a short strapping, 12 strokes of the cane. “Aiee” instead of “oww.” Another girl, a blonde, is caned next. Green smock off, she is naked. 

The Secretary’ (M/f; year:2004; time:4 minutes) In the glass-walled room used by SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL and XEROTICS.‘Peters’ has a hot little blonde, in just halter and short skirt, standing before him.

He scolds her, has her bend over the desk, he takes off her skirt, and he pulls down her thong. Legs spread wide, he uses a slipper. There is plenty of action under the halter. Into the corner, you want to see more of this girl.

‘SG Conversation’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Two schoolgirls sit in the cloakroom, discussing the spanking they are waiting for. Can Hastings Gore be far away on this set? The redhead is very  scared. The blonde takes her OTK to show her a bit of what it is like. Jumper up, black knickers down,  a slipper.

’A little while later’: the  blonde loved  giving a spanking. She masturbates furiously. 

Simpson and Peters‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes XEROTICS warriors ‘Peters’ and ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ Elizabeth borrowed Peters’ car, got drunk, and lost it somewhere. “How do you do that?”

Easy to fix; Elizabeth drops her slacks and is spanked OTK and on a chair, handspanking and strap. Routine stuff. Both actors are older here and have been to the commissary a few times. 

‘Spanking in sport room’ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Spankings are underway on the gym like set used by this producer. Two naked brunettes, thin and lovely, are first shown how to do sit-ups. We have commented before on nude PT and have found no better use of it than in the Russian films.

The girls on the floor get into the diaper position for strapping. Very nice. A big cane produces wheals. Frontals. This caning looks like it hurts.

‘Strapping for Simpson’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson and Peters, the founders. A good old fashioned whuppin’ between them. Simpson lies on her stomach on a fashionable brass bed. Simpson is induced to get up, drop her designer jeans and colorful panties, flash a frontal, and climb back into position, placing a pillow under her naked bottom.

Good for Simpson, she has a clear bottom today. Peters begins with a strap on her bottom, Lovely in good lighting on the pillow. Despite the title someone assigned, Peters shifts to a cane halfway through. Despite Simpson counting out 10, there are more strokes, some repeats. She gasps sweetly and takes her medicine here.

‘Take Your Knickers Down’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) John Osborne admits a pretty blonde through a glass door. She reflexively covers her bottom as she faces him, a nice gesture found occasionally in these halls. She hands over her knickers, lifts her skirt, and kneels up erect hands on head, on a table, a painful position. A mild spanking in this colorful but precarious posture. 

‘Teen OTK’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Richard and Candice. A slow and silly OTK spanking on her jeans and on the bare.

‘Total Utter Disgrace’ (F/f; time: 8;minutes) Miss  Hastings Gore and Emily in a classroom. HG can certainly make a girl feel like a disgrace. She is in academic robes. OTK spanking.  Red knickers down. Emily’s bottom suggests she has had a tough  shooting day. Hard slippering and then to the corner. 

‘Trudy Caned’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes)This Trudy is a small dark blonde. The set is the barren blue wall prop set. Mr. Stevenson is the disciplinarian, never good news for any model when she sees the cast list. With no setup, the caning begins immediately. Stevenson reaches under her kilt and pulls down what must be only a g-string.

Stevenson proceeds with a long caning, often in fast spirts. He moves from forehand to backhand, in order to distribute the damage. Trudy had some marks to begin with. This is real punishment. There have to be repeats. A memorable caning.

‘Two Bare Bottoms Spanked’ (M/2f; time:11 minutes) Peters with two familiar XEROTICS blondes. They want to be spanked. The first girl takes off her skirt and knickers and provides a leisurely frontal before she goes OTK. Next, she bends over for a strap. The second blonde, a very tall girl, gets the same. Peters spreads her legs as usual. Bottoms to the wall, both lightly marked.

‘Two girls in classroom’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Two girls are eating chocolate in a classroom we see from time to time. They look a little guilty about it. One girl kneels and drops her pajama bottoms. The other girl gives her a routine handspanking and 

‘Two schoolgirls’(M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Two girls are brought to Mr. Stern by another man, who is going to hang around to see what happens.  They wear white blouses and kilts. We start with some silly palm slaps. One of the brunettes bends over a classic vaulting horse for a strap. The girls alternate. Routine stuff.

Cheerleaders at BADTUSHY

8 Dec

Despite the presence of two venerable and much admired CP enthusiasts, ‘David Pierson’ and ‘Amber Pixie Wells,’ who know about panties and bottoms, we have never been a fan of this site.

BADTUSHY has made a series of short films about cheerleaders being sent for physicals. This delicious little plotline has found its way to other CP film producers, as well as for a lot of amateur CP/fetish writing. We remember one story where a medical student at summer camp finds himself examining four or five naked girls at once.

(M/f; time: 10 minutes) A cheerleader candidate reports to a goofy doctor sitting at his desk. BADTUSHY did not take the trouble to set up any sort of medical stuff–so cleverly done elsewhere. The pretty auburn haired girl is asked to strip naked at her chair–no hesitation, she wants to pass.

After the white bra and panties come off, blood pressure next, then oral temperature. Stark naked, the girl does some PT exercises–jumping jacks, push-ups. She is amused by it all.

She kneels on her chair for a rectal temperature–very professional. Then a mild spanking to test her pain threshold. And the doctor checks her inner thighs with his stethoscope. We’ll check the medical manuals on that one.

(M/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Miss Nelson’ is the applicant here for cheerleader who needs a chit from the smarmy doctor. She strips naked at the chair beside his desk. She’ll let this guy do his thing. She’s heard.

Blood pressure, naked PT, oral temperature. This time, the guy wants her rectal AND vaginal temperature. She smiles through it. And a little spanking to test her threshold.

M/f; time: 10 minutes