Chelsea Spanks Veronica – CPENTERTAINMENT

1 Dec

F/f; year: 2007; time: 28 minutes
A classic between two CP stars, ‘Veronica, a/k/a Veronica or Elizabeth Burns, of REALSPANKINGS and her own THESPANKINGCOUPLE, before the latter site imploded over some legal dispute.

Veronica has come calling at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s place. The girls giggle about the prospect of a spanking between themselves. Frequent references to “Dr. D,” the character Coach Daniels and Veronica’s frequent partner and possibly her real-life husband, with whom she made spanking films and then real sex at THESPANKINGCOUPLE.

Veronica goes OTK and Chelsea starts spanking on “your nice tight jeans…you look amazing.” True, true. Veronica drops her jeans; black lace panties. Chelsea continues the spanking. “I see you are a believer in that upper part of the thigh being part of the bottom, just like Dr. D.” Heavy breathing, laughter.

When Veronica’s panties come down: “That’s the best one I ever had,” high praise from her. “Are you ready for your first implement?” A hairbrush, lots of adlib. Chelsea keeps admiring Veronica’s bottom. “Dr. D. likes me to take care of it.” A small paddle–“Oh, that stings.” Some tears, Ms. Daniels can always do this. Stiff strap and handspanking.

“My butt is on fire.” “You’re shaking, baby.” A hard wood paddle. Some film edits here. Is it possible that Chelsea actually broke Veronica’s pain threshold?

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