Punishing Her Secretary – NUWEST NWV-431

1 Dec

F/f; time: 22 minutes
NUWEST’s promotion says this film was made by an actual boss and her secretary, when they requested their spanking be filmed. Maybe; the ‘boss’ bears some resemblance to Dana Specht. Now, Ms. Specht has a business herself and surely she practiced some discipline there.

A pretty pigtailed blonde has been caught with porno magazines in her desk by a woman boss-type. And of course a spanking is in order.

The girl wears a white top and red mini-skirt. An OTK spanking for openers, then to the corner. “Don’t touch that bottom!” So far, the girl’s tears are silly.

OTK again, the boss does not think the girl’s bottom is red enough and objects to her white lace full panties. She reminds the girl that employees have been invited to stand in the hall and listen to the smacks and her squealing. “This time the bare bottom…those panties are coming right down.” Nasty boss, she concentrates her spanking on the thighs. Lovely broad feminine bottom now on full view. More corner time, a lot of talk.

The boss sits at her desk, her legs spread dominatrix-style. She threatens expulsion. More OTK, she pins the girl down with a leg over.

A paddling over the desk. Apologies; they hug. We expected the boss to go further.

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