Spanking with Pixie – LAPPRODUCTIONS

1 Dec

F/2f; time: 1 hour, 6 minutes
‘Amber Pixie Wells’ plays her senior aunt character in this long film of ritual domestic spanking scenes. Niece ‘Sharon’ arrives for a summer visit. Aunt Melissa explains somne new house disciplinary rules–this year, all spankings will be given on the bare, and a daytime spanking means an automatic bedtime spanking.

Ms. Wells is enough of a wispy ingénue here that you’d like someone to come home and give HER a good nightie-night.

Sharon narrates watching Melissa spank her daughter ‘Anthea.’ Melissa watches as Anthea strips naked and puts on her punishment outfit. Notes in punishment log, then OTK bare bottom. FADE to the bedtime spanking and pajamas and white panties, then bare.

FADE: It’s the visiting niece Sharon in the barrel now; she comes home late and gets a spanking downstairs and then up in her bedroom in pajamas, which come down quickly.

NEXT scene: Melissa (Pixie) catches Sharon smoking in the garden. She washes the girl’s mouth out with soap by spreading it on her tongue with as wash cloth. This looks much more intrusive  than the most conventional technique–holding a full bar of Ivory in your mouth. But leave it to LUPUS to establish the prototype–where the headmaster thoroughly coats, almost scrubs, the inside of a girl’s mouth with a soapy rag. Then the spanking–palms slaps first, then bare bottom hairbrush.

SCENE: both girls are wrapped in bath towels. They’ve been smoking. Palm slaps first; after showers, towels off, nude wet spanking. Another classic spanking scene, and again, not quite up to the mark. Didn’t anyone watch LUPUS or ROUE history?

SCENE: the girls are rude at church. They will be spanked like Melissa does it at her school. Skirts pinned up, white panties, written apologies first. “Two hours of detention and other things.” Sounds interesting. OTK first, nice bright white church panties, and on the bare. Back in chairs, bare bottom, the rungs are placed nicely for that view of the bottom.

Anthea is asked to get the cane. “What’s that?” she asks. Both girls get a dozen, mild stuff. Both girls get the hairbrush AFTER the caning.

And finally: Sharon is caught outside with a boyfriend and gets an exterior bare bottom spanking.

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