7 Dec

M/f; time: 34 minutes
‘Stephen Lewis’ and ‘Kami Robertson’ on a set used by NORTHERNSPANKING in a number of films. Kami has ‘borrowed’ from the petty cash office box. Lewis confronts her. In this office, he keeps a cane hanging on the coat hook on his door. Kami is wearing a short flower-print dress with stocking tops and garters showing. Have we missed something? We don’t see this sort of dress in our office. And in fact, we don’t see too many bottoms like Ms. Robertson–wide feminine hips and a perfect tush.

After 10 minutes of dialogue, Kami accepts Lewis’ alternative to the police or firing, and the spanking begins, a slow, ritualistic OTK. Kami is shy and submissive and barely can speak her lines. Lewis struggles to keep her very short dress from riding up before it is time. And Lewis has trouble positioning her for spanking in his desk arm-chair–you would have thought NORTHERNSPANKING would have planned for this.

Kami stands, hands on head. Lewis twirls her to inspect her compact little body. “Have you seen the cane before?” “No.” He wants her to speak up. Elbows on the desk, her dress rides up, black panty set. A mild start–just seven strokes of the cane.

Hands-on-head, no rubbing. “Remove the dress.” She pulls it over her head–she is wearing a coordinated black bra, panty, and garter belt set. It seems she has used this borrowed money to buy this finery. Over the desk, six more slow strokes. Her little panties aren’t much protection.

Panties off, she has a large lizard tattoo on her left hip, 6 more strokes. She flinches before Lewis strikes, and professional that ahe is, she keeps her hair off her face. “Take your bra off…arms at your sides.” Six more strokes, and they are getting harder.

Lewis finally elicits an audible apology–six more strokes. She is naked, he is in command, why not, keep going? He claims not to be satisfied with the apology–6 more strokes, with a “Sorry for stealing, Mr. Lewis” after each one.

Classic ritual spanking, one of the top-ten bottoms. No frontals.

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