Cheerleaders at BADTUSHY

8 Dec

Despite the presence of two venerable and much admired CP enthusiasts, ‘David Pierson’ and ‘Amber Pixie Wells,’ who know about panties and bottoms, we have never been a fan of this site.

BADTUSHY has made a series of short films about cheerleaders being sent for physicals. This delicious little plotline has found its way to other CP film producers, as well as for a lot of amateur CP/fetish writing. We remember one story where a medical student at summer camp finds himself examining four or five naked girls at once.

(M/f; time: 10 minutes) A cheerleader candidate reports to a goofy doctor sitting at his desk. BADTUSHY did not take the trouble to set up any sort of medical stuff–so cleverly done elsewhere. The pretty auburn haired girl is asked to strip naked at her chair–no hesitation, she wants to pass.

After the white bra and panties come off, blood pressure next, then oral temperature. Stark naked, the girl does some PT exercises–jumping jacks, push-ups. She is amused by it all.

She kneels on her chair for a rectal temperature–very professional. Then a mild spanking to test her pain threshold. And the doctor checks her inner thighs with his stethoscope. We’ll check the medical manuals on that one.

(M/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Miss Nelson’ is the applicant here for cheerleader who needs a chit from the smarmy doctor. She strips naked at the chair beside his desk. She’ll let this guy do his thing. She’s heard.

Blood pressure, naked PT, oral temperature. This time, the guy wants her rectal AND vaginal temperature. She smiles through it. And a little spanking to test her threshold.

M/f; time: 10 minutes

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