Xerotics #10

9 Dec

More XEROTICS, some with the classic British CP actors.

‘New Model‘ (MF/2f; time: 6 minutes) Two girls chat on a couch. A brunette is talking with blonde ‘Briggs,’ looking for a modeling job. Briggs explains she has a “spanking job,” and does not hesitate to show her bottom, which is mildly bruised.”It’s good money, and it’s fun.”

Now we know, from vast CP film experience, that the girls will have to try it out to see what it is like. Briggs gives the brunette a simple spanking. But the ageplay guy interrupts, spanks a little harder. (“Not too bad,” observes the brunette.) and of course has a go at Briggs’ bottom while he is there.

‘Physical inspection’ (M/f; time: 22 minutes) A ponytailed blonde has reported to ‘Peters’ on the gymnasium set. She is to have a “physical inspection” and admits she is out of shape. She has forgotten her gym shoes and still wears her high-heel maryjanes. We guess though, that she has not forgotten that Peters likes to conduct these little inspections with the girl naked.

He begins his inspection; up with her skirt, she has been spanked recently, bright stripes. Skirt off, onto the exercise machine, arm and leg strengthening, with a forward-backward motion. As she moves, Peters smacks her bottom when he can reach it. “Higher.” “Faster.”

Tie and blouse off, no bra, down to full black panties and knee socks. Plausible adolescent body. Bend over for a handspanking. Standing again, Peters pulls her panties down. Shaved. Hands on head for the cane, standing at the machine. Real marks develop. This film will be more explicit than most of the XEROTICS films.

Panties at her thighs, back onto the machine. She seems more motivated now. Off for more of the cane, Peters teases with its tip, spreading her labia. She stretches at full height, naked, grabbing a bar on the wall. Very nice.

The blonde bends for more caning, and is allowed to masturbate with one hand as Peters whips. He gives her a large purple dildo vibrator, with the rabbit for her clitoris, and spreads her cheeks so our view is better as she works it with expertise. Next, she kneels on the floor and keeps using the big dildo while Peters straps her very red bottom. She is left naked, on display, with the cane and dildo.

‘Piano Lessons’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) A simple exercise, an auburn-haired girl gets spanked by ‘Peters’ for poor piano performance. Notable: use of the piano bench for spanking, a piece of furniture Ed Lee at NU-WEST recommended, for its height and length. And the girl’s bottom is very red and marked, from a very recent experience.

(‘Piano Lessons’) (M/2f; time: 20 minutes) Young ladies can certainly get in trouble in CP films if they don’t practice their piano. And that piano bench is perfect. Here, ‘Agean’ is furious with his daughter ‘Roxie’s’ progress on the piano. In front of her teacher, ‘Miss Dahl.’ Agean spanks brunette Roxie, who is still in her school uniform. Her thong doesn’t help much. She gets a handspanking and the slipper. Standard stuff.

Agean turns on the teacher. “The problem is you!” He determines that Dahl has no real qualifications. So he will spank her. Her puzzlement and objection are short-lived, since her background has been exposed. She accepts a standard handspanking and the same slipper on her full purple panties. At least Agean preserves her adult dignity by not taking down her knickers. She will have to refund seven months of lesson fees, or this could get much worse.

‘Prefect’s Discipline’ (M/3f; time: 20 minutes) Blond pigtailed Prefect ‘Johnson’ awaits Agean on the gym setting. She reports having trouble with two senior girls about their dress. ‘Caroline’ and ‘Angelina’ are summoned, two sloppy senior girls, pretty brunettes in pigtails.

Agean is also disgusted by their appearnace and proceeds to spank them both. Agean admires Angelina’s regulation panties, “but in this case, they’re coming down.” She gets the slipper. Caroline gets the same spanking–this model has been spanked recently.

As Johnson watches, her cell phone chirps. That’s a school offense. Agean now uses the slipper on her. She too has some bruises, but older.

Agean switches to the cane. Caroline first, panties down, hands on chair for 8 strokes. She cries out as loudly as you will hear on CP films. Johnson gets the tawse and Angelina the strap; Agean proudly lines up the three red bottoms.

‘Prayer Lesson’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes)’Miss Gillian Lancer’ appears on her classroom set, where she paces on the platform in front of the desks. We’ve seen spankings here to the best of them. Surely one of the Glasgow producers. Blond pigtailed ‘Pritchard’ and brunette ‘Emily’ are subjected to scolding and a reading from a lectern. They can’t suppress giggles. On the wall is a rack with spanking implements hanging from hooks.

Pritchard is called up onto the platform first. After more scolding, she bends over. Gillian Lancer flips up her skirt and the girl herself pulls down her white regulation panties. Very nice surrender. Handspanking, and a strap taken off its hook.

Emily’s turn on the hustings. She bends over Gillian-Lancer’s desk, G-L takes down her pantyhose for handspanking and strap.

‘Prefect’s Caning’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) ‘Peters’ with one of his prefects, ‘Brooks.’ She is getting a lecture on her responsibilities and will soon be punished. Prefects should be punished in confidentiality, and much more severely. Brooks has been bullying, and she must recite that definition for Peters.

She will touch toes–this model is very athletic and turns this posture into an erotic gesture. Peters handspanks her first then takes up a very thick cane-a monster.

Six strokes on her skirt, then a break. When her skirt comes up, there are marks already. Brooks drops her superfluous thong–6 more strokes for unauthorized knickers. Peters orders Brooks to put the thong “in my cubby.” Goodbye to those undies.

Another break, then Peters promises “six of the hardest ever delivered at this school.” Six cracks; he probes her pussy with the cane tip. Peters adds three more for good measure. A very detailed closeup of Brooks’ anus depicts fuzzy hair. She’ll remain bent over for 30 minutes then return to class without knickers, where her bottom will be shown to the class.

‘Rain’ (M/3f; time:22 minutes) ‘Peters’ plays a pastor who has taken three Portuguese girls on a religious retreat. The girls wear the XEROTICS gingham print smocks. The scene is the Caribbean, not the usual studios. Peters tells the girls: “The Bible and the rod go hand in hand.” He points to canes hanging on the wall.

An Asian girl goes first, bends over a table and pulls up her skirt. No panties–now that’s no way to go on a retreat. Handspanking and a small strap, “the first part of your lesson–submit to God and pain.”

A ponytailed blonde goes next, and wriggles her red panties down runway-style. She’s got a sunburned bottom, being a devotee of the G-string. 10 strap strokes counted aloud.

The third young lady, another blonde. Same red knickers. 8 strokes of the strap.

Bottoms line up, skirts tucked up, hands on head.

“The second part of your initiation,” he shows the cane. The Asian girl’s six strokes become eight when she doesn’t count properly. Repeats. She flinches at swooshes and cries “aiy!” in whatever language that is. At this point in the film there is a tropical downpour outside which cannot be disguised on the soundtrack, drowning out some dialogue. Since there is no stopping filming when a bottom is being reddened, a confirming exterior shot of the deluge is cut in and the spanking continues. The Asian earns still more for smiling.

The second blonde is caned next. The storm is blowing doors and windows on the set–keep rolling, we’ve got a red bottom.

‘The Secretary’ (M/f; year:2004; time:4 minutes) In the glass-walled room used by SpankedSchoolGirl and XEROTICS: ‘Peters’ has a hot little blonde, in just halter and short skirt, standing before him.

He scolds her, has her bend over the desk, he takes off her skirt, and he pulls down her thong. Legs spread wide, he uses a slipper. There is plenty of action under the halter. Into the corner, you want to see more of this girl.

Simpson and Peters‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) XEROTICS warriors ‘Peters’ and ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’ Elizabeth borrowed Peters’ car, got drunk, and lost it somewhere. “How do you do that?”

Easy to fix; Elizabeth drops her slacks and is spanked OTK and on a chair, handspanking and strap. Routine stuff. Both actors are older her and have been to the commissary a few times.

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