Poolside Punishment – CALSTAR

13 Dec

F/2f; time: 32 minutes
An old and clunky film we reviewed on another site a number of years ago. Our experience has been altered by many more sophisticated CP film producers we have studied since. So now we look at these films for the humor they can provide.

In a long exterior scene, two nurses in long white smocks decide to sun themselves on the lawn outside the nursing home where they work.
They go to a swimming pool and, since they are out of sight from the building, decide to “strip off.” One girl to bra and panties and the other to just panties. They take a swim, sure that their matron will never find them. The girls discuss that matron likes to spank–they’ll take the risk.

But soon the matron does discover them. She is youngish herself, with her hair pulled back tightly to simulate severity, with just a hint of Lesbian. The girls are scolded, then the ultimatum. “You are disciplined or your cards on my desk in 5 minutes.” Standing there in their wet undies, the girls agree to the punishment–they need the jobs.

Each girl is spanked OTK on lawn furniture, then thrown into the pool. At poolside, the matron pulls down both pairs of panties. The screen is filled with two wet bare bottoms. The girls then kneel on the grass, one over the back of the other at 90 degrees. Matron can spank both bottoms.

The girls are then ordered to appear in matron’s office in full uniform in ten minutes. In the office–better sound and consistent lighting now, matron scolds them while slapping a crop in her palm.

Each girl will lie over the hassock and be cropped on the bare bottom. Apparently neither girl had an extra pair of panties; since they were wet, they reported without them.

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