New Pet Training – NUWEST

15 Dec

F/3m; time: 25 minutes
Very old stuff. NUWEST’s ‘Joanne Jameson’ will play with three guys here. ‘David’ is strung up naked on a ceiling rope in the center of the sound stage. This is the place for him, because we can watch his erection surge and relax.

Ed Lee is naked also, attached standing to a frame at the wall which forces his butt out, wrists over his head and ankles manacled. There will be no facials.

The third guy comes onto the set fully clothed. Joanne makes him strip naked, and he will kneel at her feet in foot worship fetish. Joanne will poke him in the right places with her spiked heels. Joanne herself is dressed in black top, slacks, and boots. Unlike some other F/m films, she will not strip here. Our loss.

Joanne will move between Lee and David. First she handspanks them, then shifts to a martinet. David’s erection literally jumps on-camera. Joanne helps with some fondling.

After more foot action with the guy playing the dog, Joanne uses a whip on Lee and David. Oblique shots of the amazing David, who can spring to an angle of greater than 90 degrees.

The doggy-guy is led around on a leash and must bark. More whip for Lee and David, faster and faster, another boner. Finally the doggy gets some whipping. There must have been a market for this sort of film.

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