19 Dec

F/f; time: 44 minutes
‘Maddy Marks’ and Chelsea in one of her older and formulaic films. No new ground or blisters will be raised here, but we are always prospecting. Another film made in parts for each Internet distribution.

I ‘Icing on Her Cake’ Redhead Maddy gets spanked by Chelsea for messing up the icing on cakes to be served at a shower for a friend. OTK, skirt up, thong down, handspanking and hairbrush.

II ‘I’m Gonna Embarrass You’ Maddy has called in sick and when she does report to work, Chelsea will spank her. OTK, shorts down, small round, hard-looking paddle for very specific work.

III ‘Late Payment in Full’ Maddy and Chelsea live together and Maddy fails to pay the cable bill. Another conventional spanking,

IV ‘Lucky Coin’ Maddy tries to steal Chelsea’s lucky coin and gets a strapping for it.

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