Asking For It -Belinda Lawson with Earl Grey FIRMHAND

21 Dec

A series made in 2016; Belinda has returned to her old school for a meeting with a former teacher, ‘Earl Grey.’

‘EA’ (M/f; time:8 minutes) Belinda, blond in this series, tells Grey she has lost focus at work and thinks some of the corporal punishment she had received at school might help her again. “I have just turned 22…I need to be spanked.” He has pulled her file, and he explains that at this point punishments must be given on the bare bottom. Belinda’s casts an instantaneous glance at the camera, as if to say “YES!!”

Grey does not bat an eye and quickly leads her to the “detention room,” a nicely appointed classroom with a supply of spanking implements on display.

With no delay, Belinda bends forward, hands on desk. Grey throws up her skirt, begins handspanking, then takes down the thong, which wasn’t interfering anyway. Ms. Lawson has that glorious bottom of course, to accompany her naughty willingness, acting skills and what must be an admirable pain threshold.

Grey handspanks hard and fast and is actually winded at the end of this session. Ms. Lawson is to return at 6 PM. She turns to the camera to narrate for us–this is going to work out fine.

‘EB’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Blond Belinda; she narrates again. She explains the FIRMHAND film director has asked her to select a slipper for this episode.

She bends over a school desk and Earl Grey pulls down her denim shorts. She plays as angry as she can get: “You’d better bloody well enjoy my bare bottom being spanked.” She is mostly silent through the slipper and a strap. with some melodramatic and silly protests. Long slow motion repeats.

‘EC’ (M/f; time:7 minutes) Belinda waits at the school desk, her hair down now. Earl Grey arrives. “Jacket off…bend over the desk….trousers down….roll your skirt up….panties down.”

They are white lace panties. “You asked for this.” Closeups of handspanking and the embossed leather paddle.

‘ED’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) For this visit, Belinda has dug out an old school uniform–blue kilt, crested sweater, and knee socks, on the pretext that she is a former schoolgirl volunteering for discipline to learn to be more respectful. This should turn on the juices in both Earl Grey and her.

A slipper and strap hang on the wall. “I will have to deal with you as a schoolgirl.” “Does this mean my bottom won’t be bare?” “No.” She bents over a chair. “Skirt up, panties down.”

Belinda’s bottom is well marked now in this series. No pretense that these spankings are anything but fantasies between Grey and Belinda to achieve the result. A strapping now. Her bottom approaches Eastern European standards. Our compliments to this brave actress and maybe to some cosmeticians.

‘EE’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Belinda continues the narration in the classroom where she can fulfill her fantasy and get her bottom whupped. Here, she tells us she has arranged placement of a gym “vault,” so as to avoid the touch-toes postures she so hates. It is one of those padded wood platforms, found in some wonderful British CP films, gym teachers vs. female students.

Earl Grey arrives with a pingpong paddle. Belinda splays herself lengthwise along the vault. Panties to her ankles. Her bottom has become increasingly red as the series advances. A hard paddling. “Quite warm,” notes Grey, as he fondles her, “we should up the threshold.”

Grey shifts to what he calls the “meter” stick, and therefore Belinda submits that she should get just 10 strokes instead of the traditional twelve. How British! Grey will give her 15! “Do your best, then.” “Trust me, I will.” She counts them aloud. The sequence is repeated from several angles. Excellent editing in this year 2016.

There is a long slow-motion repeat segment and then some closing narration. Belinda tells us the pingpong paddle was not so bad, and that the caning segment is being saved for filming “at the end of the day.”

“My goodness. My bottom is throbbing…like sunburn…(to the viewer) I hope your appreciate our effort. I did the count so you wouldn’t feel cheated.”

These narrations confirm for us–it has seemed obvious that the FIRMHAND serial story segments are filmed in close timing, with care taken to protect the model’s bottom, and we have read that some producers have added counted strokes to forestall complaints about repeats.

‘EF’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Belinda narrates; the fetish schoolroom spanking re-creation continues. Here she sits at a school desk in the prepared classroom awaiting the ‘headmaster’s’ return from lunch.

Earl Grey returns and bends her over the desk, no panties. Belinda is an “ex-student” returning for a little attitudinal tune-up from Grey. Off with the dress. “No bra either,” notes Grey. Naughty. Belinda came to play. And of course, Belinda’s bottom is thoroughly marked from the accrued spankings in this series.

Paddle and strap; this time, the spankings will continue until Grey himself has had enough. Film concludes with slow-motion repeats.

‘EG’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) This is Belinda’s concluding consultation with Earl Grey. She waits, stark naked, even bare feet, for him. She is bent forward, hands on desk, boobs hang.

Grey arrives. “I see you have changed position, Miss Lawson.” “I thought you might want a different point of view, sir” “Are you mocking. Miss Lawson?” “Maybe.” She is stunning in this posture, and her mottled bottom would suggest this series was made in a short period.

“What am I going to use on you today?” Belinda teases with naughty CP talk, to earn her final “thrashing.” It will be a meter stick again. Hands-on-desk for the first 12, as hard as any spanking so far in this series. She must sing on the counts. She jumps up from time to time to rub. Boobs jiggle. Touch-toes for the final 6, with 2 more earned for moving.

‘Reaction CAM’ facial views of the same spanking. Lots of boobs here. Belinda stands naked for a final scolding; Grey will not let her cover herself; there is a suggestion of some follow-up appoints. She sashays her bottom out the door to conclude.

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