To Amuse the Ladies – NUWEST FD-082

21 Dec

3F/m; year: 1992; time: 29 minutes
The cast had fun with this one. ‘Tim’ is marched onto the mostly empty soundstage by a young ‘Kellie-Rae.’ She slaps him in the face, back and forth, rocking his head, very hard we thought. How can you fake that? “Take off your clothes, shirt first…you’re slouching.” More hard slapping.

“Take off your pants.” More slapping. Kelli-Rae is wearing a black latex bodysuit. Shoes and shorts off next, he is naked, but keeps his back to us. Kelli orders his black socks off. He is now ready for the ‘mistress.’

‘Jennifer Brooks’ strides on stage, with her whip. This is early in her association with NUWEST; she has already made her submissive spanking film and now she will be the dominatrix. Her bodysuit is open down the sides. Nice. Kelli takes a seat. Jennifer begins circling and flogging.

The third lady, ‘Louise,’ joins. She is conventionally dressed in blouse and skirt, as if she were invited over at lunch hour. She reaches between Tim’s legs and grabs his balls with one hand and his bushy head of hair with the other. She coerces apologies from him and elicits squeals and doubling-over for weak responses. Here is a manifestation about that old axiom of how to hold a man’s attention.

Some shoe licking, then after a blackout Tim is over the box for a double flogging from Jennifer and Kelli, while Louise holds his wrists and pins his head between her thighs.

Another blackout for scene change–Tim is still naked, now flat on his back on a low bench. He is not one of those actors graced by arousal from such attention. Louise sits on his face, skirt up, white panties. She doesn’t do it quite correctly. Find a NW film where ‘Katie’ does the sitting. Textbook.

Blackout. Tim is now kneeling; Louise, now down to just panties, garter belt and stockings, is wearing a strap-on and goes to work. Again, the detail is missed, but Tim looks like he doesn’t much care for it. We see this action from two views, neither quite explicit.

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  1. Chandler December 23, 2020 at 12:45 pm #

    Can you share FD-082? Thanks

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