Female Spanks Female Compendium 1 SHADOWLANE

29 Dec

Excerpts from six films SHADOWLANE released before 1992, some containing well-known or budding porn/CP stars.

1. ‘Importance of Pleasing Ernest’ A F/f domestic spanking scene; SHADOWLANE claims to have discontinued this film because it came not to meet their standards as they developed technique. Tepid stuff to be sure.

2. ‘Double Date’ couples spanking; we reviewed the full film on this site.

3. ‘Older Men and Younger Wives’ Very early ‘Kiri Kelly,’ also reviewed here.

4. ‘Spanking in Beverly Hills’ reviewed here; with porn star super-bottom Tanya Fox.

5. ‘Naughty Tanya’ Reviewed here; Tanya Fox in one of our favorite films of hers, from her punk-hair period, mostly silly BDSM play with ‘Stephanie Locke,’ but Tanya is naked much of the time, very busty here, and very erotic.

6. ‘Ordeals of a Female Submissive’ Eve Howard and ‘Simone Devon’ early in their careers in a film made in the recognizable NUWEST studios. Both ladies made other films with NUWEST, and Ms. Howard became one of the founders of SHADOWLANE. She learned a lot about spanking from Ed Lee and said so in her obituary of him.

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