Naughty Nun’s -OOHTEEKAY

3 Jan

M/2f; time: 41 minutes
Punctuation by the producer. Two nuns in full habit, one paddling the other’s bare bottom. They spank each other, there is some frigging, this does not seem to be punishment.

FADE; a priest interrupts, he will have a go at these two bottoms. He spanks each nun over her habit, then bare bottom with just a thong protecting. (At least it is a black thong; OOHTEEKAY never fussed about authenticity.) Then, thongs down.

FADE; the nuns flirt with the father. He has them spank each other and strip to undies, which must have come by mail order. Silly and naughty. Father takes Sister Maria over the desk for a spanking. Her crucifix necklace swings between her boobs.

The other sister, with the biggest boobs, is bursting out of her camisole. Over the desk for her. The film ends with lesbian plays between the nuns.

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