Spanking Two Girls – NUWEST

5 Jan

M/f; time:24 minutes
Based on dialogue we will describe, this may have been one of Ed Lee’s last films. Two girls will be spanked in NUWEST’s straightforward style, with the scenes repeated from different angles, as NUWEST did throughout its existence.

The spankings are alternated between a blonde and a brunette. We’ll describe them separately.

A familiar blonde is spanked first, beginning with a facial segment, then the full frontal shot, which allows a view of her little pink skirt and long legs. Then the essential rear view of her bottom, another side oblique view, and finally “bare ass,” put as indelicately as ever by Lee.

The pretty brunette admits this is her first spanking. We never believe that, but we go with the fantasy. When Lee adjusts her OTK he is amazed: “What the hell have I got here, Kim Kardashian?” After her facial, the front full-scene view, and two obliques, it is time for her ankle-length dress to come up. “Let’s see what we’ve got. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.” Considering how many bottoms Lee has had on his lap, and in some cases who they belonged to, this is a notable moment.

The girl squeals and appears to be quivering. She did a good job of appearing genuinely surprised when the first smacks fell. And the key dialogue: “This will be the last spanking I ever give.”

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