Exchange Student -Amelia Jane Rutherford

19 Jan

‘Exchange Student’ SpankingPrincessKelly/SPK Productions (2F/f; yeare:2012; time: 25 minutes) In a film made by ‘Kelley ann May,’ featuring her with all-stars ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’  and ‘Pandora Blake,’ Kelley plays an American transfer student who will be teased and spanked by two British classmates. Amelia has double ponytails and still pulls off the schoolgirl thing; Pandora looks studious in glasses and a tad more post-graduate. However, we know we are in good hands.

Amelia and Pandora explain that their’s is a strict school, Kelley must expect corporal punishment. Eager to be accepted, Kelley volunteeers for a spanking sample from the two naughty and randy girls.

Kelley (The girls tease her name spelling by calling her “Kell -E-why.”) bends over a desk. “Bend over, pull up your skirt, we need to see it.” White panties, bunched, a big bottom, on a large and solid actress. “I want to do it right, I  want to fit in, says KellEy. Pandora does the spanking. Amelia holds her. Moderate stuff.

The girls have shown Kelley a small synthetic cane which is a school tool. “Count these, say’thank you’ after each one.” Kelley has to be prompted on exactly how to thank properly for cane strokes the British way, six strokes on the bare skin, pabnties bunched. The girls smile in satisfaction at their little unsolicited and illicit initiation of this American student.

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