A Position of Trust

28 Jan

F/2f; time: 23 minutes
A mundane British film we have yet to identify. ‘Gina’ seems to have been caught by her female boss at her restaurant job, doing something. The boss looks more like a prison matron than a restauranteur. Gina is taken to the counter area where a spanking will be administered

Hands on a stool, skirt up, handspanking. Definite lesbian feel. Gina takes off her skirt and displays the largest tramp stamp we think we have seen. There is a cane, right there on the lunch counter. Gina takes 10 strokes on her panties, and when she mutters ‘Bitch!” she must drop her panties and kneel precariously on a chair for 15 more.

Another waitress enters, what has SHE done? She takes her skirt off to display a red halter and boyshorts. She takes 10 from the cane, then 10 more on the bare.

We watched a clock on the wall, where 40 minutes elapsed for the 15 minutes of this film.

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