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Full Body Whipping

27 Feb

M/f; time: 15 minutes
Model ‘Nicky Montfort’ performs in one of her specialities. She is naked, tied spread-eagled facing us. Her wrists are fastened to the ceiling and her wide spread ankles tied with rope.

A bald headed male will flog her, front and back, from her shoulders to her thighs. He can walk around her for full body coverage, but the camera can only cover her front.

The scene is a sort of workroom, a good place for this. Nicky is always quiet; otherwise, a gag would have been fun. She develops pink spots all over her body. The guy flogs and whips her, and adds a few frigs, which Nicky seems to like. To complete the torment,he chokes her with a leather cord.

One Errror Too Many – STINGINTHETAIL

27 Feb

M/f; time: 22 minutes; year: 2006
The male disciplinarian with the George Washington hairstyle and ‘Nicky Montfort.’He seems to be her boss, and Nicky confronts him wearing an evening dress. In an improbable setting for a boss and employee, a sitting room, he confronts her with “a catalogue of catastrophes…you’re going to get the thrashing of your life.”

After brief scolding, he takes her OTK, pulls up the dress to expose black panties. As usual, Nicky is docile and submissive. A standard spanking to begin,except that ‘George’ pays unusual attention to her thighs.

Nicky bends over the couch, down come her panties, and now the guy uses a Spencer paddle, large enough to cover both buttocks. And he hits hard. After this session, Nicky sits bare bottom on the leather couch. We gave a little shiver on her behalf. Without help she gets into the diaper position for a handspanking.

More scolding. Nicky kneels on the couch for the crop. She stands again, for more of the crop and handspanking. She is a compliant soul. The guy takes his time and fondles her bottom, part of the experience fOr Nicky.

Now comes the cane for this famously brave actress. The first batch of 12 in the bend-over position. There are repeats. The guy switches sides to spread these very hard strokes to the other buttock–3 more.

Nicky next assumes a pose she excels in with her long tall frame. Dress gone, naked, she moves toward the fireplace and grasps an overhead beam, spreading her legs. More caning, in sets of three, the guy switching sides to alternate cheeks. Again, he pays off usual attention to her thighs. Nicky may be one of the few models who can tolerate this.

After some rubbing, she is allowed to put her evening dress back on, but she must leave her panties behind.


27 Feb

F/2f; time: 9 minutes
The indefatigable ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ catches two girls searching through a desk where they do not belong. They have found and are fascinated with a spanking magazine. “You have an interest in disciplining schoolgirls?” It seems the two girls are young teachers.

After the blonde and brunette are scolded and threatened with termination and no references, Gillian-Lancer suggests a spanking “on your bare.” The girls consult and they agree: “I’m game if you are.”

Gillian-Lancer clears off z desktop, the girls drop their jeans, and the spanking begins. One pair of panties comes down, the other leotard offers no cover. Both bottoms are already pink. They make a lot of movies in one day at NORTHERNSPANKING.

Gillian-Lancer switches to a slipper, hard enough to make the girls jump no rub. There are a few frontals while the girls jump around, a bit amused by it all.

Babysitting Nightmare- NORTHERNSPANKING

19 Feb

M/f; Time: 6 minutes
A short exercise with ‘Niki Flynn’ and ‘Katie James,’ where Niki plays the domme role. Katie plays an overweight teenager more interested in her coloring book than obeying her babysitter. After a suitable amount of scolding, the spanking begins.

Katie goes OTK. We are not devotees of fat bottoms, although we know there is a market. Niki delivers a straightforward spanking. Our only interest here was watching her on Top.

More of David’s Aunties – NUWEST

19 Feb

3F/m; 28 minutes
Model ‘David’ will be spanked by three women in the conventional NUWEST fashion.

He stands before a seated blonde on the empty soundstage. It is ‘Jennifer Brooks.’ He is scolded for something. He then strips naked, taking some time about it other adult films would abbreviate or not include. Naked, he goes over Jennifer’s lap, showing only a small erection. In some films, the sound of her voice would have sprung him full scale. He gets the normal spanking and then is sent to the corner, slightly erect.

In the second segment, a brunette spanks him, Here he wears just a woman’s girdle, which comes off.

The third and fourth spankers,a brunette and a blonde, do the same. We did not recognize the latter spankers. They must have had their fun.

Amelia Jane Rutherford and Clare Fonda

19 Feb

F/f time: 8minutes
Amelia seems to owe Clare some money. Clare might be the madam and Amelia a rather implausible call girl. In any case, it is grounds for punishment. Amelia is wearing a copper colored party dress. “I’m going to spank the hell out of you.” Ms. Fonda’s acting often does not convince, but here she seems good and mad.

Amelia is taken OTK, skirt up, leopard panties. Standard spanking, panties down, and there’s that brand label still in the panties. Even though the glorious bare bottom is fully accessible, Clare unfastens and rolls down Amelia’s garter belt to maximize the subjugation. Clare spanks a little harder than the conventional.

Amelia runs around the room in pain and embarrassment. Her spanking is completed bending over the back of the couch.

Catholic Girls’ Fear

4 Feb

F/f; time: 22 minutes
We will try to find the producer of this wonderful film, maybe NORTHERNSPANKING. Very early ‘Pandora Blake,’ with ‘Jean Bradley.’ Pandora sits at a school desk in bleak surroundings, wearing the full schoolie kit, including boater. A stern Bradley hovers over her. She is going to retake a test, and if she fails this time, she will be caned. It looks like it will all happen right here. Her guardian has signed off, so her bottom is up for grabs.

Pandora stands and recites the Lord’s Prayer before she starts. She might better have done the 23rd psalm. Pandora begins the test and is soon daydreaming about being spanked.

The first scene depicts Pandora standing and pulling her own knickers down slowly, to allow Bradley a close inspection of her bottom. Bradley begins handspanking her in a standing position, accompanied by a long frontal hold on her shaved vagina–unusual for Ms. Blake. A second daydream involves another bare bottom spanking from Bradley, more slow panty action.

Of course Pandora fails the exam again, “far too much daydreaming.” Bradley takes a cane off a hook. Pandora does her own panties. 18 vigorous strokes on the bare. Repeats. [traffic noises, no escaping them] Then a slipper spanking for past failures, and finally “six of the best,” again with the cane, each stroke counted and repeated from rear and side views. Simply perfect CP from these two professionals, young and lithe.


4 Feb

A film of no particular interest, from a producer or distributor we are not familiar with. ‘Brian Tarsis’ of SHADOWLANE is credited with a number of production tasks–his demonic imagination should have led to a better film.

Two mothers are waiting up for their daughters, who are late coming home at night. The daughters are going to be spanked when they arrive, which leads to conversation and a flashback to a scene when one of the mothers was acting in a play with a spanking scene, where her petulance was rewarded with an extra dose. We did not try to unravel the convoluted plot.

Back to the present, the two mothers argue and end up spanking each other, most of their clothes coming off. The two daughters arrive on this scene, and now it is their turn. They get handspankings, the hairbrush, and a paddle. Two spankings simultaneously.

One of Tarsis’ credits was ‘ass director.’ He had four of them here. Were there auditions?

Spanking Spectacular – NUWEST

4 Feb

7F/m; time:13 minutes
Seven girls from the NUWEST cast have gathered to have some fun with a young blond male, buck naked, with a white muscular butt which must have charmed the girls. They will have plenty of looks at his jewels, but we will not. We know it is not a guarantee that every guy who gets spanked gets an erection.

The OTK spankings will occur on a chair on an Oriental rug, in the otherwise barren familiar stage set. Joanne Jameson is the first spanker; she always spanks hard, and there is laughter among the girls.

The second spanker might be Julia Jameson, we were not sure.

The third, a blonde, traps the guy’s legs between hers, because he has begun to struggle and because it’s fun. Then another blond spanker.

The fifth disciplinarian is Katie, in too brief a role; then a redhead, and finally a brunette, maybe Vanna, whose rousing spanking conclusion draws applause.


4 Feb

MF/2f time: 30 minutes
Two schoolgirls gambol their way home, carrying papers in their hands. From the title, we presume these are report cards, and this being LUPUS, we can imagine what is going to happen.

At the ‘house,’ which is a pre-fab East European apartment, a group of men and a woman, the girls’ parents and visiting cousins,  sit drinking and laughing, not a good environment for two girls in trouble to enter. Jan Zlatousty is one of the revelers, but luckily for the two girls, on this occasion he will only witness what is about to happen to them.

There is a cut to a third girl being caned in another apartment. Another report card has been brought home. Her screaming can be heard throughout the building. A ferocious caning, from the knees to the top of the buttocks. The LUPUS website claims 125 strokes in less than a minute.

The girls arrive and present their report cards. The spankings will begin immediately. A large wooden kitchen spoon is brought in, its head about the size of a small saucer, a really effective implement. Both girls are spanked OTK, very hard, panties down. The ritual takes up most of the film. The spectators keep on eating and drinking during this diversion.