Catholic Girls’ Fear

4 Feb

F/f; time: 22 minutes
We will try to find the producer of this wonderful film, maybe NORTHERNSPANKING. Very early ‘Pandora Blake,’ with ‘Jean Bradley.’ Pandora sits at a school desk in bleak surroundings, wearing the full schoolie kit, including boater. A stern Bradley hovers over her. She is going to retake a test, and if she fails this time, she will be caned. It looks like it will all happen right here. Her guardian has signed off, so her bottom is up for grabs.

Pandora stands and recites the Lord’s Prayer before she starts. She might better have done the 23rd psalm. Pandora begins the test and is soon daydreaming about being spanked.

The first scene depicts Pandora standing and pulling her own knickers down slowly, to allow Bradley a close inspection of her bottom. Bradley begins handspanking her in a standing position, accompanied by a long frontal hold on her shaved vagina–unusual for Ms. Blake. A second daydream involves another bare bottom spanking from Bradley, more slow panty action.

Of course Pandora fails the exam again, “far too much daydreaming.” Bradley takes a cane off a hook. Pandora does her own panties. 18 vigorous strokes on the bare. Repeats. [traffic noises, no escaping them] Then a slipper spanking for past failures, and finally “six of the best,” again with the cane, each stroke counted and repeated from rear and side views. Simply perfect CP from these two professionals, young and lithe.

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