4 Feb

A film of no particular interest, from a producer or distributor we are not familiar with. ‘Brian Tarsis’ of SHADOWLANE is credited with a number of production tasks–his demonic imagination should have led to a better film.

Two mothers are waiting up for their daughters, who are late coming home at night. The daughters are going to be spanked when they arrive, which leads to conversation and a flashback to a scene when one of the mothers was acting in a play with a spanking scene, where her petulance was rewarded with an extra dose. We did not try to unravel the convoluted plot.

Back to the present, the two mothers argue and end up spanking each other, most of their clothes coming off. The two daughters arrive on this scene, and now it is their turn. They get handspankings, the hairbrush, and a paddle. Two spankings simultaneously.

One of Tarsis’ credits was ‘ass director.’ He had four of them here. Were there auditions?

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