4 Feb

MF/2f time: 30 minutes
Two schoolgirls gambol their way home, carrying papers in their hands. From the title, we presume these are report cards, and this being LUPUS, we can imagine what is going to happen.

At the ‘house,’ which is a pre-fab East European apartment, a group of men and a woman, the girls’ parents and visiting cousins,  sit drinking and laughing, not a good environment for two girls in trouble to enter. Jan Zlatousty is one of the revelers, but luckily for the two girls, on this occasion he will only witness what is about to happen to them.

There is a cut to a third girl being caned in another apartment. Another report card has been brought home. Her screaming can be heard throughout the building. A ferocious caning, from the knees to the top of the buttocks. The LUPUS website claims 125 strokes in less than a minute.

The girls arrive and present their report cards. The spankings will begin immediately. A large wooden kitchen spoon is brought in, its head about the size of a small saucer, a really effective implement. Both girls are spanked OTK, very hard, panties down. The ritual takes up most of the film. The spectators keep on eating and drinking during this diversion.

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