Spanking Spectacular – NUWEST

4 Feb

7F/m; time:13 minutes
Seven girls from the NUWEST cast have gathered to have some fun with a young blond male, buck naked, with a white muscular butt which must have charmed the girls. They will have plenty of looks at his jewels, but we will not. We know it is not a guarantee that every guy who gets spanked gets an erection.

The OTK spankings will occur on a chair on an Oriental rug, in the otherwise barren familiar stage set. Joanne Jameson is the first spanker; she always spanks hard, and there is laughter among the girls.

The second spanker might be Julia Jameson, we were not sure.

The third, a blonde, traps the guy’s legs between hers, because he has begun to struggle and because it’s fun. Then another blond spanker.

The fifth disciplinarian is Katie, in too brief a role; then a redhead, and finally a brunette, maybe Vanna, whose rousing spanking conclusion draws applause.

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