More of David’s Aunties – NUWEST

19 Feb

3F/m; 28 minutes
Model ‘David’ will be spanked by three women in the conventional NUWEST fashion.

He stands before a seated blonde on the empty soundstage. It is ‘Jennifer Brooks.’ He is scolded for something. He then strips naked, taking some time about it other adult films would abbreviate or not include. Naked, he goes over Jennifer’s lap, showing only a small erection. In some films, the sound of her voice would have sprung him full scale. He gets the normal spanking and then is sent to the corner, slightly erect.

In the second segment, a brunette spanks him, Here he wears just a woman’s girdle, which comes off.

The third and fourth spankers,a brunette and a blonde, do the same. We did not recognize the latter spankers. They must have had their fun.

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