Steve Meets Chelsea. – NUWEST

28 Feb

F/m; year: 1992; time: 29 minutes
‘Steve’ kneels in front of ‘Chelsea.’ She slaps his face and makes him strip naked. After he kisses her legs, he is taken OTK for a very hard spanking, up to NW standards.

Some strapping on a chair, he kisses her feet. Steve has to put on panties and must lubricate a dildo in his mouth. Some whipping and slapping, she makes him masturbate. He gets a bit of an erection. After he hops around naked, he must sit on the dildo. Chelsea lashes him to ensure he goes all the way down on it. More slapping and attempts to masturbate. There are actually few money shots in the NW catalogue.

FADE to the bedroom, where Chelsea can really wreak havoc. Chelsea is wearing the panty strap on dildo. Steve is lucky it is the thin one. Some spanking, he lubricates the dildo again, then sits on Chelsea’s lap and carefully impales himself. Up and down.

Steve gets in a kneeling position and Chelsea fucks him doggy style. Onto the bed for more dildo fucking, including the diaper position.

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