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Jenny and Miss Eleanor

31 Mar

F/f; time: 26 minutes

A surprisingly effective spanking film, the origin of which we must determine. It must be 30 or 40 years old at this writing. The scene is just a simple office setup, but it looks like  a real one, not props.

School administrator ‘Miss Eleanor’ receives a phone call. One of her best students, ‘Jenny,’ was seen at a sex club, behaving in a way not in keeping with the college reputation. Jenny is summoned and her excuses are lame. “What do you do down at the club?” “But it’s boring around here.”

“Once more like this and you are out…now I’m going to spank you..I’d like you to start by stripping…then I have a spanking chair.” Jenny takes her clothes off, slowly and awkwardly. In the style of NUWEST, she is wearing conventional layered daily clothing, and she seems to have been unprepared for this. The casual informality, either clunky cinematics or intentional, adds to the tension.

Jenny, naked, bends over the “chair,” which turns out to be a simple folding chair. We expected a trestle to be rolled out. Miss Eleanor is almost licking her lips with pleasure at having one of her pet students about to be naked in front of her. “You’re really cold. Your nipples are standing up.”

Eleanor addresses her panties, the last item, and pulls them down slowly, fondling and enjoying Jenny’s bottom. A silly handspanking commences, left-handed. It is mostly fondling, and Jenny does not miss the point. She smiles. A long, mild, closeup handspanking.

When Jenny dresses, she allows as leisurely view of a largely untouched pubic area. The women communicate that this may continue.


31 Mar

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Another well-made and astute film from ‘Pandora Blake’s’ production company. It involves a long and hard caning, a but more aggressive than we have come to expect from Ms. Blake, where most of her many CP celebrity model-friends have busy shooting schedules. Here, she combines some erotic severity with the usual glamour of very pretty bottoms on display.

‘Kaelah’ is completing a long education in martial arts and is about to graduate. We see this pretty brunette exercising sho-jo-ji fan dancing as part of her mental and physical adaptation to the arts. Apparently another part of her mental conversion requires the acceptance of pain as the norm.

Her male instructor interrupts her fan dancing in the oak-beamed room we have seen in a number of films. He has brought a leather case for his canes. Kaelah is not alarmed to see him. “Let’s get started.” “Yes, master.” She pulls down her slacks and panties and bends over a high table, just as routinely as if this were a medical appointment. Gorgeous bottom of course, this is DREAMSOFSPANKING.

The master takes out a cane and begins a slow 50 strokes. Kaelah will count each one aloud. The strokes are very hard, the stripes begin to mount and ripen. Kaelah gasps and practices the controlled breathing of pain management. Various camera angles–facial and rear. A large floor mirror helps the theatrics. Intercut are exterior scenes of Kaelah dancing.  This effectively extends the erotic length of this sizzling caning.

We have become skeptical of the authenticity of long punishments. But we were entertained by the realism here. “Can I get up, sir?” “Pain does not have to be feared,” says the master. “Thank you. master.” Lovely study of this athletic bottom.

Tribal Prince’s Initiation – WILDAFRICACANINGS

28 Mar

F/f; time: 32 minutes

The title will confirm that  caption and graphic writers 0ften don’t watch the film. This is a princess being initiated. A girl in some leather bondage straps, but largely naked, is bent over a spanking trestle device, but is not fastened to it. She is being punished by a female in uniform, the palace guard being given the assignment of initiating the Princess.

The film will be all-punishment, delivered somewhat slowly and only moderately hard. This first segment consists of the paddle, strap, flogging, and several canes, one of them long and menacing. No faces are shown clearly, the dialogue is unintelligible, and we think the producer just couldn’t pull it off.

The Princess is now completely naked, flush against a wall, her arms stretched high. No restraints. The Princess must take her punishment. She gets a mild flogging and caning. The film enters with the two facing each other and conversing. The Princess has completed her training, and she got off lucky, from our vantage point.


Big Brother – CALSTAR

28 Mar

M/f; time: 5 minutes

An odd little find we will keep researching and GOLD. This seems to be an extended scene from CALSTAR’S ‘The Dressing Lesson,’ an historic CP film from the early ROUE and BLUSHES days of British under-the-counter brown-wrapper CP films. It features the marvelous ‘Pricilla Eastwood’ and the same male antagonist, playing the same role as household disciplinarian for her errant ways.

Ms. Eastwood wears the same schoolgirl kit; the setting here is ever so slightly changed from ‘The Dressing Lesson.’ Given that we betray our preference for vintage fare, we’ll summarize what we’ve said about Pricilla before, maybe our No #1 sexiest spankee in all the films we have reviewed. See ‘Naughty Aupair,’ ‘The Piano Lesson,’ and ‘Schoolgirl Nieces’ in addition to ‘The Dressing Lesson.’ She is so delightfully miserable being spanked and caned; she is quick to get naked, but never willing. She screams like you would imagine it would be, coming from the parlor.

Pricilla’s ‘brother’ is on her for not doing her homework. In this very short film, she is spanked and caned, panties down in the usual struggle. “Get over the chair!” “I can’t, please, please.” But she does. Three cane strokes as entertaining as a long one.




Dr. Daniels’ Disciples – REALSPANKING

27 Mar

M/2f ;  time: 33 minutes

Coach ‘Daniels’ in the basement/dungeon setting RSN used often enough. He marches in two RSN regulars, ‘Claire’  and  ‘Jessica.’ Both girls are wearing just black bras, thongs, and stockings. The girls will occasionally smile and laugh a bit–Daniels never quite gets their full respect. They have done this too many times with him.

He quickly bends the two girls over a table and begins paddling. Next comes a cane–he alternates bottoms in mostly mild stuff. He has the girls remove their bras and he plays with their boobs and has the girls suck each other’s nipples.

You can see why ‘Victoria Burns’ would and did tease Daniels as she gets ready to spank him in some of their films, either here at RSN or later at THESPANKINGCOUPLE. He admitted to getting turned on by spanking, and we have reviewed him spanking many girls. He had interesting work days and deserved to pay for them.

Daniels continues to gently torment Jessica and Claire. They can’t disguise their amusement. He gently flogs their bare breasts, duct-tapes their wrists together, strings up their other arms. He uses the large floppy RSN paddle, a cane, and flogs their backs. When she has an arm free, Claire reaches between her legs to masturbate. Hugs all around, the black thongs remained in place.

Slave Training – NETTLES

24 Mar

M/f; time: 51 minutes

A long Russian film we assign to NETTLES for the moment. ‘Gerry Geroshvilli’ plays the full pornographic role here. A pretty blond girl has come to him asking to be treated as a slave. Who better to train her? He does the things just hinted at in the ‘Russian Slaves/Discipline in Russia’ series.

He begins to fondle and examine her–she is helpless. Right off at the start he wants to know,  “Can you give blowjobs?”

FADE. The girl has been hogtied with rough rope on a tabletop. While she struggles, Gerry puts his cock in her mouth. He straps her bottom and the soles of her feet and makes her lick his balls. Her bottom, what he can reach of it from her head, is getting red.

In a new scene, the girl is scrubbing the floor, in chains, no pants on. Gerry has attached a dildo to a short pole and jabs her anus as she works. He torments her with a Wartenberg pinwheel.

It is not necessary to detail all the slave training. Spreader bar, boob games, hot wax.

Another guy joins and the games continue, very Russian–clothespins, flogging, cropping, some anal sex, actual ejaculations, leather harness, and an electric wand. The “last ordeal” will be pins in her nipples. she will sit on Gerry’s lap and get him  to cum. She asks to stay.



24 Mar

F/f; time: 5 minutes

Another ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ film floating around. We have not been successful at finding much history on NORTHERNSPANKING, other than we know many of the CP greats made calls at the Glasgow studios. And would it be fair to say the Scottish accent pervades the genre in this period?

In her famous classroom, Miss G-L will spank brunette ‘Antonia,’ who is wearing red gym shorts. “We’re going to re-commence your education, Antonia.” G-L will be using a heavy cane, and Antonia will bend over a desk and read from her studies as the spanking proceeds.

Shorts down, her bottom is already slightly bruised, which G-L makes note of.  Six strokes of the cane, lines show. “Oh yes, quite embarrassed now, are we?”  After this short caning, Antonia is allowed to dress any continue her studies, sniffling.


Spanked in a Cell – RAVENHILL

24 Mar

MF/f; time: 29 minutes

We assign this film to RAVENHILL for the moment. Here is yet another intense spanking film to challenge our top-ten list. A young attractive brunette/redhead  has been arrested for vandalism and a few other things, and a male and female guard decide  now would be a good time to serve up some special punishment.

‘Officer Raymond,’ the female guard on duty at the moment, wearing a white blouse and one of those little uniform caps you would expect to see at BARSANDSTRIPES or MOOD, enters the girl’s cell, grabs her, and begins spanking. In short order she gets her pants and heavy knickers down. “Look at that  (red already)…I have a soft spot for redheads.”  And a strap-on dildo in her quarters, we’d bet.

“What kind of justice is this?” wails the girl. “My kind.” It is a very thorough and hard spanking. In fact, throughout this almost 30 minutes, the spankings will continue with few of the pauses CP filmmakers used to soften the intensity. This model is probably not making any more spanking films today or in fact for a month or two.

“Stand up…hands on the wall…stick that butt out.” The girl is in the frisk position. Raymond spanks with both hands, both buttocks. A male guard, Officer Webb, comes into the room and sits at a table outside the cell to watch the fun. He has brought a big strap and he offers it to Raymond.

The girl is instructed to count and scream it out with sincerity. Her dose is increased to “five dozen” when she isn’t convincing enough, but the strapping stops at about 30. Someone must have seen that this was going to be too much. Raymond moves from side to side to cover the cheeks evenly. There are varied camera angles, from inside the cell, through the bars, and from overhead.

The guards discuss exactly how to make this hurt as much as possible. “I want you to  bend over and grab your ankles.” We spankos who are graduates of the NUWEST school know that this tightens the skin and indeed hurts like hell.

The girl is maneuvered into the diaper position on her cell bunk, providing the only explicit porn shots, because that is not what this film is about. Very thorough handspanking, bruising.

The girl now kneels on her bunk and the Officer Webb will take over for a while. He asks Raymond to leave and go check on someone else. She chuckles knowingly. “I feel sorry for you, little girl. Have fun.” We thought the prisoner was going to get a bit of screwing here, but no, the very impressive spanking continues.

Her bottom is now literally apple-red, maybe  Red Delicious would apply. There may be some cosmetics at play here, but this is one hell of a spanking, we don’t see repeats, and there are still 10 minutes to go.

The girl is made to bend over her cell toilet. Webb removes and doubles his belt. Raymond has returned and she suggests bringing in other prisoners to watch. The girl grabs her ankles again and is made to scream out a 12-count from the belt at the top of her lungs.

We’re still not finished. Both guards spank her as she kneels up on her bunk. Then she is left with no pants.









24 Mar

2F/f; time: 20 minutes

An informal spanking film. ‘Sarah’ is behind the camera and they are auditioning a new girl, ‘Hazel,’ who is being spanked by another woman. Sarah switches and takes over the spanking herself. “You like this little warming, knowing your panties are going to come down?”

Sarah and the camerawoman converse as the spanking proceeds. Sarah now takes down Hazel’s jeans and is impressed with her br0wn-and-white striped bikini panties. “Cute.” The spanking is going on in a sloppy kitchen, where junk is lying around on the periphery of the shot. Very amateur. Do we have the studio right?

The strap next; Hazel’s top  comes off, bend-over, there is some bruising. She is wearing only a bra now. OTK, a bath brush, Hazel mugs for the camera. It is supposedly Hazel’s first spanking. She presents her bottom for inspection.



Whipping Horses – NUWEST

24 Mar

M/2f;  time: 27 minutes

Two  whipping sequences featuring Ed Lee, two different girls, different devices.  The first features the commonly seen long round horse with its  sturdy legs. A fully clothed girl–it looks like Vanna,  lies hugging it, her wrists and ankles manacled to the legs of the device.

Lee, bearded and shaggy in this period, will use a bullwhip on her bottom. The first segment is filmed from an oblique front angle, so that we cannot see the girl’s face or the target area. After a 4-minute whipping, the girl is released.

Then the scene is repeated from an oblique rear angle, so that Vanna’s bottom is on full display. Her skirt is up, she wears a thong, her mostly bare buttocks are framed by garters holding up her stockings. The scene is repeated again from an overhead angles, so that we get the full effect of the episode.

The second episode features a brunette we don’t recognize and another kind of whipping horse, more like a vaulting horse, but tilted.  The filming begins with the lights in the studio not fully on–Lee must turn them on. Probably someone’s idea of theatrics. The girl wears a short red dress. Lee puts lambs-wool lined cuffs on her wrists and ankles, gets it wrong, takes a long time about it, muttering through it, but didn’t edit out this distraction from the tape.

Finally the girl mounts the horse and sits  on it as if were exactly that, then lies forward while her cuffs are fastened to the frame. Very sexy, the girl is looking a bit less confident. Lee flips up the hem of her dress and mutters that he will leave her pantyhose in place and try to whip them off.

Oddly, this preparation is repeated twice, from the rear and overhead, before the action.  Then the whipping sequence: “Two minutes of solid whipping,” Lee announces. The girl absolutely screams at the first stroke, as if she had no idea what was coming. She lets out some curses Lee doesn’t like.







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