Military Discipline -WILDAFRICACANING

6 Mar

2F/f; time: 43 minutes
‘Psycological Interrogation’ (sic) Another weird film from this producer. The matron in a domme outfit and cap. looking more like a yacht crewperson,  puts a camou girl on a wood table and has her bend over a leather wedge in the center, elevating her buttocks to almost a 45 degree angle. She begins a hard spanking, which causes bruises and blistering immediately. This producer had perhaps the poorest production qualities we’ve seen, down there with the Russians, but the spankings were fierce.

The girl next lies flat on the table, which is a faux medieval rack. The furniture placement and the camera angles are so poor we can’t see all that much. The girl is liking this spanking and begins to masturbate.

Film cut–the girl is up and her clothes are off. She lies back on the table, which is actually a crude rack. He wrists and ankles are fastened and the winches tightened. A better job could have been done by a high school drama club carpenter. Her bottom is strapped in this position.

The matron/guard makes a phone call. The girl is released and begins to masturbate again; she is given a dildo. Another cut–the girl stands, lies lengthwise over a spanking horse, and is caned.

Another guard appears, probably invited for a piece of the action–we can never follow the story. She is less menacing, but canes hard enough to produce stripes. The girl is fastened by her ankles to the horse and this caning turns into a classic LUPUS show. Rubbing, closeups.

Back to the rack, the dildo reappears, with a condom on it. The guard spreads hand lotion, which is needed, and the girl undulates.

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