Detenton House #4 -Psycho pt 2 Johan Returns – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

7 Mar

M/2f; year: 2009; time: 37 minutes;
In part 1, Johan was caught fucking one of the female students given to his care to punish on behalf of the headmistress. He gets excited. In part 2, we are relieved to see that Johan is still at work–his teaching certificate was not pulled.

Johan takes a phone call from a distraught mother who wants two of her daughters disciplined by the headmistress. But since she is not available, Johan offers his services again. A matronly mother marches two schoolgirls up the dark stairs to the office. LUPUS does its usual fine job of portraying doom and gloom. The girls know what can happen to students in these rooms.

The girls are taken into Johan’s office; mother will wait in the ante room. Brunette ‘Veronika’ and little blond ‘Renata,’ two LUPUS regulars. After a scolding in this office, Johan takes the girls to the inner sanctum, the punishment room. They shrink in horror at the scene. There is a spanking trestle, a gynecology chair, and a myriad of spanking implements. The girls hang their heads in fear and shame. LUPUS excels here also.

The girls are ordered to strip. Veronika is taken first and is fastened naked over the trestle, wearing just garter belt and stockings. Johan probes between her spread thighs. Mostly naked Renata shrinks on the floor in a corner in the fetal position. She will have her own different experience. Johan canes Veronika–her waist strap cannot restrain her wiggling–10 strokes. The mother can hear the screaming from the outside room. John tightens the straps and adds some rough hemp rope to fasten Veronika even more securely. The caning continues–the ropes and straps don’t work so well.

The mother peruses Johan’s desk and discovers files and tools which suggest he likes to dissect bodies. Behind a curtain she finds the more grotesque instruments of dissection and body organs in bottles of fluid.

Renata’s turn, but she is steered to the gyno chair. She gets her feet into the stirrups; Johan probes her pussy with rubber gloves and then straps her vagina viciously with a heavy tawse.

Renata is moved to the trestle, and more rope is used this time to secure her. Johan uses a big Spencer paddle and produces the classic RIGIDEAST bruises. After this wicked spanking, Johan rubs a salve on her buttocks and the amply available thighs and pussy in between. We thought it would be an irritant, but Renata remains calm. Johan ties Veronika to the frame of the trestle to keep her in place and goes out to see the mother.

The mother accuses him of terrible deeds and he seems to dream of being whipped by her. Next we see the mother on the floor, her throat cut by one of the dissection tools. More dreaming? No subtitles.

Johan releases the girls. He has a special stool, with what amounts to an 8″ peg, the thickness of a broom handle, sticking up in the middle. No doubt what this is for. Renata is forced to impale herself on the protrusion, slowly, and without lubricant. Veronika soothes her as the deed is done. She is lucky it is her vagina and not some other place. Johan is a psycho.

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