Isn’t Bar Work All The Same? – CALSTAR

7 Mar

F/f; time: 48 minutes
We’re not sure of either this title or the producer, but CALSTAR made numerous films along this theme.

A thin brunette in blouse and red skirt is being interviewed for a barmaid’s job. The female owner describes the bar as a “high class place,” but the fixturing suggests a luncheonette at the bus depot. The girl is put to work–she immediately helps herself to a beer and removes 100 pds from the till.

The boss catches her. This certainty further convinces us this is an old CALSTAR film. She doesn’t like the girl’s attitude, and marches her into the next room, which turns out to be the same bar counter set, approached from a different direction. “It’s either the police or we deal with this behavior ourselves.” This is the kind of girl who has probably already been to the police station, and maybe even spanked there.

OTK quickly, skirt up, red thong. A conventional spanking, except for facial shots from a camera which he must have been on the floor.

The boss wants to find the missing money, so it’s clothes off. Skirt off first, hands-on-chair for paddling and strap. Thong off. A paddle develops some bruises. The girl takes the frisk position at the bar.

Blouse off, the money falls out. Bra off. A long and moderate caning, not expertly done, because the far buttock takes the brunt.

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