NETTLES – Russian

7 Mar

M/f; time: 12 minutes
A short NETTLES film. We could not find a title,and the segment seems to be freestanding, not an excerpt. It is sufficiently entertaining to warrant a review without knowledge yet of its origin.

A very cute short-haired brunette wears a denim overall jumper, the kind of little outfit you know must come off. She is being scolded by a guy for bad performance at school, at least according to the crude subtitles. The scene seems to be set in a corner of a NETTLES studio, stuff just pushed out of the way. An electric fan is seen cooling the actors under the studio lights.

This very cute girl is going to get an unusual spanking. First, the guy lays 12 crop strokes on each palm. She is brought to tears. We have seen many times that models dislike palm laps more than spanking. She wipes tears with a free hand.

Now it is time for the little denim overalls to come off. She strips down to white T-shirt and white panties. She kneels for the crop on her mostly bare bottom. She takes this more bravely than the palm slapping. While her bare heels are available, he adds some bastinado.

She pulls the T-shirt over her head. No bra. Now naked, she kneels for a Russian dose of a leather belt. She poses a bit at the end, suggesting this was a complete segment and maybe an audition?

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