Repremanded by the Cane – CALSTAR

11 Mar

F/2f; time: 52 minutes
Spelling by the producer. A familiar spanking theme–strippers backstage squabble with each other. One stripper complains to her female boss that her locker had been rifled. Bethany is suspected, her locker is checked, and they find belongings of several other girls.

These girls are not too smart, but they have other things going for them. Bethany will take a spanking or be fired. A weak  “Please don’t.” The regular CALSTAR implements will be used.

Bethany will be spanked first. Top off, skirt off, thong down, a standard OTK spanking. Naked but for her bra for the floppy paddle, she straddles a chair and bends over. [sirens outside] She bends far down onto the chair this time, resting on her elbows for the cane.about 20 strokes, various angles and repeats.

The first stripper returns, and the boss is prepared with a catalogue of her offenses ar the club. She will get a spanking of her own. She is wearing a net body suit over bra and thong. Body suit and thing down. Paddling in various positions and then the cane—-about 25 strokes, There are repeats here, and this girl’s bottom is more banged up.

It would have been fun if these punitive spankings were done on stage.

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