No Shared Showers – MISSMARCHMONT

13 Mar

F/2f; time: 20 minutes
A simple little exercise, containing the stark institutional realism MISSMARCHMONT, BARSANDSTRIPES, and a few other associated British producers were so diligent to recreate.

The scene here is an institutional bathroom/shower, high ceilings, tiled floor to ceiling, and metal grates over openings. Cold, loud, foreboding. The producers must have gotten access to a real place.

Two comely brunettes, well kempt for inmates, wearing just white panties and white gymslips, play with each other in the shower area. From the title, we assume girls may not congregate here. They have pulled each others’ knickers down and are spreading body oil.

A matron, complete with necktie, official cap and a crop in her hand, patrolling the equally chilling corridor, hears the frivolity. She interrupts of course, and now both girls are going to be spanked.

She has them take each other OTK, while she alternately spanks them both with a crop and paddle. Not vicious or too hard, but the institutional surroundings transport the eroticism to the next level.

Both pairs of wet knickers discarded, the matron will now canes each girl. The girls kneel on all fours in turn and take about 25 strokes. The snappy cracks produce little cries but almost no marks. In each case, halfway through, the matron asks the girls to remain “absolutely quiet.” This of course facilitates the editing of repeats, but we’ve gotten our money’s worth.

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