Schoolgirl in the Office – CALSTAR

13 Mar

F/f; time: 45 minutes
A schoolgirl is caught in the school office using the fax machine. Apparently blond pigtailed ‘Jordan’ is a repeat offender. This time the teacher says: “I’ve got to spank you.”

Jordan is taken OTK, her white panties come down. Over the shoulder shots of a good spanking, and then the girl is sent off to class.

Dissolve to Jordan’s bedroom. The matron/teacher is on hand again and orders her to strip naked. The matron spreads oil on her bottom and Jordan asks for some attention between her legs. Another student, “McCloud,” interrupts. “What is going on?” This girl is dressed in a naughty way, schoolgirl outfit but with her blouse tied up in a bare midriff. She is going to report these two to the Headmistress. “Remember that spanking you gave me?” McCloud can get even here.

The matron goes off to get spanking implements. McCloud is first going to spank Jordan, just because she can, we guess. After a short OTK, McCloud will use an implement or two and spank the matron. The matron gets paddled while Jordan watches, now naked. Jordan now gets some paddle, and then the matron again, her panties don’t come down this time. And the floppy strap and paddle.

Time for the cane. The matron takes off the rest of her clothes, down to just bra and garter belt, often CALSTAR’s form of nudity. And McCloud will cane Jordan, about 15 strokes maybe with some repeats. And some frontal glimpses. At the conclusion! McCloud proudly and sensuously fingers the results of her work.

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