At the Office – SHADOWLANE

16 Mar

M/3f; time: 38 minutes
We try hard to praise SHADOWLANE; their films do work if you want a co-educational trainer and are hoping for some luck.

There are three unrelated spanking episodes here, one in the office, and two at home. If the stories are linked, it was too complicated for us.

I-a blonde gets in trouble at the office, maybe the actress ‘Amber Michaels.’ She wiggles her tight little bottom around but is soon OTK with panties down. Ralph Marvel does the work. OTK spanking, a short ruler, a lot of fondling. She keeps her front covered. She can wriggle.

She is soon in the diaper position on the couch. So much for any modesty she attempted. This is the max. After this spanking, which Amber apparently tried to incite, Ralph asks her out to dinner. Alone, she calls a friend, “Bobby, it worked, he fell for it.”

II ‘At Home’: The model ‘Casey Sinclair’ plays a wife getting the strap from her husband after coming home from shopping too late for the dinner date they had. She drops her slacks, goes OTK, and soon gives up her full white panties. A standard spanking. She has to call the friends and apologize. Bare bottom at the mantel.

III ‘In the Kitchen’: Ralph spanks ‘Trick Dixxon’ in the kitchen, in her nightie.

In another scene, he is waiting for her after she went shopping and left a messy kitchen. Standard OTK bare bottom spanking. He has her clean up, naked but for a small pink apron, the best part of the film.

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