German Lesson – REDSTRIPE

17 Mar

M/4f; time: 18 minutes
The actor ‘Headmaster Tom,’ possibly before he began production of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, really one of the best CP film makers for us.
Tom plays a teacher. Four American schoolgirls, one is ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ are visiting Germany and have not been working very hard learning the language.

Tom catches the girls outside smoking and will spank them on the spot. They line up against the wall and lift their skirts. Tom uses a strap he apparently carries, like a guard in a women-in-prison film. They pull their own panties down for more. No one seems to object to this. Music is dubbed onto the soundtrack to cover the weakness of sound recording for the exterior scene.

Tom runs the girls back into the classroom, which is the same scene as used in REDSTRIPE’s ‘Catholic Schoolgirls’ films. We think we heard Dublin addressed as ‘Jenkins,’ which fits with the other films.

Tom speaks German (he is) and becomes angry when he sees how little the girls have learned, after 3 weeks as guests. Well, guests get spanked. Dublin and another girl must stand against the wall. They bend over, skirts, up, for handspanking. Same for the second two girls.

For all four girls, he doesn’t just pull down, but yanks down, their panties. He walks the row of bare bottoms and first handspanks then canes them. There is not enough time in the film for detailed punishment, and for some reason the camera couldn’t get direct shots of the bottoms.

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