Chelsea and Tanya – NUWEST

20 Mar

M/2f; time: 9 minutes
We have not been able to determine the origin or date of this brief film, which features Ed Lee, Tanya Fox, and Chelsea Pfeiffer. From hairstyles, we would guess it was made about the same time as ‘Chelsea Spanks Tanya NWV-218.’ We’ve read about and commented before, when you get a couple of famous bottoms in your studio, you fill out the day as best you can.

This short film opens with Tanya completely naked, but for black heels, fastened over the tilted padded box. A very young and thin Chelsea Pfeiffer, wearing only black panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels, consoles her.

Ed Lee is on the scene and orders Chelsea to get his cocktail and a whip from a table on the otherwise typically barren NW set. Lee wears a shirt and tie here. Although he occasionally wore some comical outfits, he never degenerated to leather, bare chest, gold chains, etc, so common among dominants in the CP film business.

He forces Chelsea to tell Tanya “You going to be whipped hard and you deserve it.” She must repeat the line with just the right emphasis. She knows she also is going to be whipped. An odd chair-like trestle stands off to the side.

Lee uses a martinet on Tanya, and Chelsea must bend over the trestle nd drop her panties. Both girls squeal with furvor; after all, both are celebrities. Tanya had converted from a long hard-banging career in adult films, where she offered allowed her estimable bottom to be used to its best advantage. And Ms. Pfeiffer was just beginning a long career in CP, apprenticing here at the Temple.

There are few closeups, except for both ends of Tanya, because they couldn’t manage it or didn’t intend it?

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