Discipline Therapy Clinic 2 – SHADOWLANE

20 Mar

M/f; time: 36 minutes
Continuation of a familiar storyline–a clinic for women where spankings are used for therapy. Many to choose from, and we’d like to ponder for our favorites. Certainly not the silly American CALSTAR BJ Frazier versions; we loved the almost accidental naughtiness of MOONGLOW’s ‘CP Therapy 1-2,’ and there’s ‘Debra-Reversion Therapy’ by NUWEST.

Ralph Marvell plays the therapist and Susan Mills his nurse ‘Lisa.’ SHADOWLANE is the rare producer not hesitant to give credit graphics.
As older brunette Lisa straightens up for the day she tells the doctor she wishes she could afford one of his treatments. “Do you have any idea what such treatment involves?” “Not exactly, you never let me stay in the room.”

The doctor’s nostrils must be flaring, except that he probably sees a lot of bottoms. “Perhaps you could benefit from a treatment.” He coaxes her OTK, she feigns some surprise, but is quick to insist “I want the full treatment.” As the spanking proceeds on her uniform skirt, she is not upset. “This actually helps?”

Hem of her uniform up, white panties, garter belt, stockings, and slightly impractical heels for a working nurse. Marvell massages and gropes a bit as he spanks. Lisa keeps her hair off her face.

Panties down now, more massaging. Marvell pries her buttocks apart. Mild stuff though, this is SHADOWLANE. Sexy talk as always.

After a FADE, Marvell confirms: “You said you wanted the full treatment.” Lisa bends over the gurney, panties down again. Marvell will use a soft rattan cane flogger, except the soft strands flop rather harmlessly.

It is time now for Lisa to take off her uniform. She kneels on all fours on the gurney, in just bra, garter belt, and stockings. Marvell continues to spank, and with rubber gloves, gives her anus a thorough preparation. All good with Lisa. SHADOWLANE likes this position for anal action. This and what follows would be why she couldn’t witness treatments.

Marvell will lube two dildos and work her anus and vagina, and add a small strap to the experience. Lisa rocks to the action.

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