20 Mar

F/f; time: 24 minutes
A two-part spanking of the Eurasian ‘Jade Indica,’ an exotic brunette who passes all of doyenne Chelsea Pfieffer’s tests for possessing a great bottom.

The first segment is filmed in the empty office or retail space, where mirrors on the walls enhance the action from several angles. Jade has done something at work to offend Chelsea, who will take the opportunity to spank her, in some subdued Lesbian play.

Jade goes OTK and a handspanking begins on red lace panties. Very nice overhead shots in addition to all the conventional angles. We’ve said before that Ms. Pfeiffer understood all the cues we spankos need. Tight little bottom and some gaps between the thighs.

Chelsea spanks professionally; panties come down and are eventually kicked off. A hairbrush appears. Excellent facials from the wall mirrors. Chelsea has a satisfied smile on her face after she finishes.

Part Two ‘Right Here, Right Now’:The film is made in a small dressing room, in front of a full length mirror. The quarters are tight, so the angles will be limited. The mirror helps. Jade wears just a bra and pink thong.

Chelsea spanks her in a standing position, all that can be done here, and soon the bra and thong come off. Handspanking, a stiff strap, and a big wood paddle. Again, Chelsea enjoys having her hands on Jade. A mild frig seems to please both girls.

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