Private Pain #7 Spanking Time -NETTLES

20 Mar

2M/f; time:1 hr 3 minutes
Probably not NETTLES, and a strong feeling of amateur, but that can be said for many of the Russian CP films. We bother with this film because its demonic storyline fulfills another spanko fantasy.

Two men play cards and a sleazy-looking girl hovers about, apparently the girlfriend of one of them. From the look on her face and her demeanor, we surmise that she has just been offered as part of a wager between the two men. This theme can be found in NUWEST and CALSTAR, but this one is the best and most aggressive, if you can overlook the production values.

The dark-eyed brunette is wearing a short black latex outfit. She hangs her head when she hears what has happened, which we can only guess, because there are no subtitles. She goes and gets the canes–this must be her house. She falls onto her knees and shows white panties. She may be begging, or offering something other than a caning.

The caning begins, long and hard, very Russian. Both guys cane her; her panties come down. She must stand and display her bare bottom as the card game continues. She gets another hard caning, and now some playing with her pussy, frigging from both guys. Various postures. One guy holds her face up to the camera as the punishment continues.

Next comes the diaper position on the couch, her legs spread. Dress off, she is wearing just garter belt and stockings.

Both guys must be ready by now, because she begins a blowjob on one while the other guy spanks and frigs. Then she rides cowgirl on the other guy’s lap.

More spanking and caning, both guys at the same time. Various positions and torments. The girl has been the evening’s plaything.

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