Female Prison Punishment #6 40 Strokes – WILDAFRICACANING

22 Mar

2F/f; time: 27 minutes
Another rather grotesque product from this filmmaker, whose work is hard to find and the company probably defunct. The acting and production values are worse than even the Russians, but if you like severity, WAC probably out-does MOOD and LUPUS.

We don’t prefer this level of depicted severity, but we share this film for the unintended humor mixed into this maelstrom. Two female matrons in Halloween uniforms will discipline a girl. In a stark room the girl is first frisked and searched, then made to strip naked. She seems to know what she is headed for and does not hesitate.

When the girl is naked she is ordered to bend over an unusual trestle. It is a very sturdy sawhorse made of 4×4 lumber, much heavier than the common 2×4. An ‘A’ shaped protrusion stretches forward and to the floor, so that the girl can be laid over the horse and her arms tied and stretched forward on this A-frame.

The naked girl’s wrists are tied and her arms stretched forward. Her ankles are tied to the heavy legs of the horse, spreading her thighs. The senior matron begins with a heavy cane. The junior matron is designated to call out the strokes BEFORE they are delivered.

It is a wicked caning. The girl is moaning immediately, and for good reason. She rolls her bottom around, and the matrons wait for her to settle before the next stroke is called. There are spikes on the sides of the crossbar of the horse to encourage the girl to remain centered.

Because the junior matron messes up the count at number 37, the prisoner earns a few extras, and the guard herself, after the 40+ stokes. must bend over and take a few herself on her camouflage skirt.

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