Schoolgirl Spanked

22 Mar

F/2f; time: 45 minutes
The film opens with the familiar exterior architectural scene-a school building. MOONGLOW and CALSTAR did a lot of this. ‘Jordan,’ a blond pigtailed schoolgirl, sneaks into the school office to use a fax machine.

Of course she is caught by Staff. And since she has been in trouble frequently, “I’ve got to spank you.” She is taken OTK for a short spanking on her white panties, then sent off to class. Nice overhead shots.

Dissolve to Jordan’s bedroom. The same female supervisor arrives and orders her to strip naked. Things happen in these girls’ schools. The matron spreads some oil on her bottom and we hear some Lesbian cooing. Jordan would like a bit of that oil between her legs.

Another student, ‘McCloud,’ bursts in. “What is going on?” McCloud looks like she is out for some action herself. She has her blouse pulled up into a bare midriff. McCloud accuses the two of being Lesbians and will report them to the headmistress, unless, of course, “Remember that spanking you gave me?” She wants to give and get more.

While the matron goes to get spanking implements, McCloud uses her leverage and spanks Jordan. The girls switch; the matron returns, and there will be a general spanking among the three girls, paddles and cane. Clothes come off. They all seem satisfied .

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