Little Parkinhanger

23 Mar

M/2f; time: 20 minutes
An entertaining frolic, and so British! A guy returns to his house, a bit off his schedule and a surprise. The house must be a landmark because a plaque reads ‘The Little Parkinhanger.’ We couldn’t quite read it.

He hears noises upstairs and goes up. He finds his wife ‘Karen’ (actress Sarah Harvey Lewis) completely naked with her girlfriend ‘Susan,’ equally nude, in the midst of some spanking games. He wasn’t expected at this hour. “What is going on here?…being spanked?…didn’t get enough earlier?” Apparently the guy spanked Karen in the morning for something else. Very British!

The girls try to explain away their nude frolic–Susan offering consolation to Karen for her morning punishment. For this they get naked? Well, this guy has struck gold. He marches the two naked girls downstairs to the sitting room. They don’t even try to cover themselves–quite nonchalant.

First he checks their bottoms. “You first…Susan, isn’t it?” He doesn’t even know her, but she is still comfortable to stand stark-naked in front of him, hands at her sides. Cute. He spanks her OTK and adds a hairbrush.

He takes his wife Karen next. “I know you had this this morning. It wasn’t enough.” And for fun, he has the two girls spank each other. A lot of flesh in the living room. A big part of the fun of this film is that the girls are naked the whole time.

Now he will use the cane, and for the first time the girls are not as willing to continue this. Susan bends over and takes 15 strokes, mild, but she wriggles madly. The guy studies his work, closely, and Karen gives her a little rub.

“Karen, your turn.” “I don’t need this.” About 18 strokes for her, and she looks back at her husband with some anger on her face, as if this caning were harder than they agreed. The guy us good with the cane–he varies his rhythm so as to surprise the girls.

The spankings are over. The guy wants an exceptional dinner. The two naked girls are sent to the kitchen to prepare it.

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