Spanking Fantasies – SHADOWLANE

23 Mar

M/2f; time: 55 minutes
‘Keith Jones’ is featured in two spanking fantasies. In the first, Keith’s daughter ‘Heather’ wants to borrow his Jeep Cherokee and needs some money. He is willing, as long as she comes home at a decent hour.

Next, we see the clock at 3:40 AM then 11:10 AM. Heather has stayed out all night, and Keith has heard some radio reports of a carjacking of a Jeep. So he also is jacked up.

When she comes home, safe and sound, he is ready. “When was the last time you were spanked?” She can’t remember–good answer. She bends over a chair and Keith spanks her with his doubled belt on her jeans. OTK, Keith gets her jeans and her white panties down himself. A short spanking, she is lucky.

Part 2 is longer, 45 minutes, entitled ‘Favorite Spanking Fantasy #2-Sophisticated Discipline’ ‘Linda’ is asking Keith to give her a “sophisticated spanking.” She is an attractive long-haired blonde, and she would like a little sexual play mixed in. They agree “mercy” will be the safe word. Rarely needed at SHADOWLANE.

Keith hands her a shopping bag full of spanking implements. OTK she goes, her little red dress is so short it rides up to expose print panties. Keith quickly takes them down.

Various spankings–hands on stool for a synthetic cane, snap-snap-crack; over the stool for synthetic birches; paddle; flogger, using that circular motion.

After a dissolve to arrange things, Linda is naked and bent over the end of a love seat, arms cuffed behind her. Handspanking, paddle, crop. Lotion is spread. Mostly mild stuff.

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