Stephanie Locke School Mistress- NUWEST NWV-133

24 Mar

She F/2f; time: 23 minutes

Two segments featuring one of the early great CP queens. In historical view, one must agree Ms. Locke was corny and melodramatic, but she was a hard spanker, and we imagine the models hired to work with her did not exactly relish the assignment. She played the domme with titillating flair.

The first segment features Ms. Locke as the mistress with her housemaid, a very young ‘Eve Howard’ at the beginning of her CP career. It seems the maid has already been spanked for something. “Have you learned your lesson?” “Yes, my butt is still stinging.”

But Stephanie presses on. “How about your thighs?” After a corny pause: “No mistress, but knowing you, they soon will be.” Eve raises the hem of her maid’s uniform skirt and Stephanie slaps at her thighs. She jumps around as you would expect. We’re sure no spanking model ever likes this.

The second segment lasts 21 minutes,  Stephanie plays an instructor, lecturing just one girl in a classroom on policies and procedures to be a governess. We’d guess from what is going to happen that this girl has gotten in trouble on the job and that this might be a remedial session.

The poor governess is a model who made a few early films at NUWEST, probably when there was no money and spanking films were still illicit.

“Miss Kennedy” hangs her head as she is scolded, surely because Ms. Locke’s reputation precedes her. Kennedy will receive a series of spankings “in front of the class .” MOOD and PAIN4FEM managed to put some other girls in the classroom for these humiliation sessions. Dropping your panties in a group works better. No doubt many of the CP producers picked up ideas here.

The first spanking is bare bottom OTK. “If you have to come back here it’s going to get worse. ” But it is going to get worse.  After this spanking, another lecture, then the hairbrush is taken off a hook on the wall. You can’t fail to notice a paddle and cane also hanging there.

“Come to The front  of the class again.”  Kennedy rocks to the hairbrush. Lee is probably at the camera and must have loved how hard  Locke spanked and how much she clearly loved doing it.

And more lecturing on governance. Now Kennedy is shown the big crude fraternity paddle, one of the bell ringers.  “Have you ever been paddled, Miss Kennedy?”  “Yes, by you.”  Locke can’t keep track of her bottoms.  “Come to the front of the class, please….bend over the chair..stick your bottom out.”  This time Locke lets her leave her panties on for “modesty,” but there is no one in the room.  A  few hard cracks and Kennedy sits again.

“Are you aware of how naughty schoolgirls are disciplined in England? They are caned, my dear. Bend over the chair, lift your skirt, and drop your panties.” The idea of modesty is now gone.

Eight cane strokes are shown from the rear, and then the real punishment continues from an oblique view, usually the signal of repeats, but there would seem to have been is too much chatter here. Fifteen more strokes, then a full 15 more, delivered almost too quickly to count, and as if Locke lost control of herself.

Kennedy will kneel erect in the corner, bare bottom, for an hour.

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