Whipping Horses – NUWEST

24 Mar

M/2f;  time: 27 minutes

Two  whipping sequences featuring Ed Lee, two different girls, different devices.  The first features the commonly seen long round horse with its  sturdy legs. A fully clothed girl–it looks like Vanna,  lies hugging it, her wrists and ankles manacled to the legs of the device.

Lee, bearded and shaggy in this period, will use a bullwhip on her bottom. The first segment is filmed from an oblique front angle, so that we cannot see the girl’s face or the target area. After a 4-minute whipping, the girl is released.

Then the scene is repeated from an oblique rear angle, so that Vanna’s bottom is on full display. Her skirt is up, she wears a thong, her mostly bare buttocks are framed by garters holding up her stockings. The scene is repeated again from an overhead angles, so that we get the full effect of the episode.

The second episode features a brunette we don’t recognize and another kind of whipping horse, more like a vaulting horse, but tilted.  The filming begins with the lights in the studio not fully on–Lee must turn them on. Probably someone’s idea of theatrics. The girl wears a short red dress. Lee puts lambs-wool lined cuffs on her wrists and ankles, gets it wrong, takes a long time about it, muttering through it, but didn’t edit out this distraction from the tape.

Finally the girl mounts the horse and sits  on it as if were exactly that, then lies forward while her cuffs are fastened to the frame. Very sexy, the girl is looking a bit less confident. Lee flips up the hem of her dress and mutters that he will leave her pantyhose in place and try to whip them off.

Oddly, this preparation is repeated twice, from the rear and overhead, before the action.  Then the whipping sequence: “Two minutes of solid whipping,” Lee announces. The girl absolutely screams at the first stroke, as if she had no idea what was coming. She lets out some curses Lee doesn’t like.









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