Dr. Daniels’ Disciples – REALSPANKING

27 Mar

M/2f ;  time: 33 minutes

Coach ‘Daniels’ in the basement/dungeon setting RSN used often enough. He marches in two RSN regulars, ‘Claire’  and  ‘Jessica.’ Both girls are wearing just black bras, thongs, and stockings. The girls will occasionally smile and laugh a bit–Daniels never quite gets their full respect. They have done this too many times with him.

He quickly bends the two girls over a table and begins paddling. Next comes a cane–he alternates bottoms in mostly mild stuff. He has the girls remove their bras and he plays with their boobs and has the girls suck each other’s nipples.

You can see why ‘Victoria Burns’ would and did tease Daniels as she gets ready to spank him in some of their films, either here at RSN or later at THESPANKINGCOUPLE. He admitted to getting turned on by spanking, and we have reviewed him spanking many girls. He had interesting work days and deserved to pay for them.

Daniels continues to gently torment Jessica and Claire. They can’t disguise their amusement. He gently flogs their bare breasts, duct-tapes their wrists together, strings up their other arms. He uses the large floppy RSN paddle, a cane, and flogs their backs. When she has an arm free, Claire reaches between her legs to masturbate. Hugs all around, the black thongs remained in place.

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